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Guest Greensleeves

Oh, scary!


We've had histories of vaccine reactions here (not serious ones, but still...), so our vets now give our guys (they're all related) the 4-way. I remember talking about it with Doc last year, and he didn't seem to think lepto was a big concern, but I will absolutely be asking him about it again this year!


Thanks for the heads up!

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Even though some vets say that my Girls horrible death from Immune Mediated Hemoltic Anemia was not caused by her annuals that were given shortly before she went from fine to dead in 48 hours...that was what the vet listed as cause of death -- vaccine induced IMHA. I still believe that that was the trigger. Hers was a terrible death and if going to a 3 year protocol can reduce the odds, then that is what I've done since with my vets blessing. Lepto has to be every year if you are in a risk zone tho.

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Several thoughts:


1. Ask your vet if your pup could be at risk for Lepto in your area. In NE Ohio it si a risk. It is not a problem throughout the US.


2. Lepto vaccines are only good for 1 year at most. This isn't going to change with more research unless they figure out a way to improve the vaccine.


3. Vaccinating your dog for Lepto cannot protect against every strain of Leptospirosis. There are species that can cause disease not included in the vaccination. :(


4. Lepto vaccine has been implicated as being more reactive than other vaccines such as parvo, distemper, etc.


5. Lepto is zoonotic and not only potentially fatal to the pet but spreadable and potentially fatal to humans in the house.


6. Lepto is normally treated with both Amoxicillin and Doxycycline.





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Guest Lorraineandcrew

I would absolutely vaccinate for lepto - it's not 100%, kind of like the flu shot, depends which strain comes around, but it is definitely making a comeback. My vet insists on it. We have a friend with a gorgeous standard poodle who had been vaccinated and STILL contracted it. They went through 5 months of hell with this poor dog, it was really touch and go for a while. It does stuff to the kidneys, pancreas/liver, immune system, lots of awful things. Luckily, he is making a comeback, but if he had not been as strong as he was, or if they had not caught it in time, as with some of the other posts, it can be deadly very quickly. Some people believe that you only have to vaccinate if you live in certain areas, but why take the chance? My pups have both been vaccinated for it, it's too risky otherwise.

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