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Pet Insurance - Double Coverage?

Guest redreeper

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Guest redreeper

Hi All,


Been reading all the posts on this subject, pro and con. IMHO, it depends upon what you are comfortable with, financially, when it comes to the decision to buy pet insurance, or not. For me, it gives me a sense of comfort knowing at no time will the expense of medical care be a concern for me, as I would want to put all of my focus on healing rather than expenses. I think the most important thing is that if you DO get pet insurance, you don't shell out a smaller amount of money for a policy that, in the end, will really give you no significant coverage at all. I noticed a lot of policies only cover accidents, etc.


That being said, I was wondering if anyone has policies from more than one company, is this even "legal" ?? - does it work similar to "people insurance" where you have a primary and the secondary picks up the slack, etc., or would they be seperate policies with no concern/information as to seperate coverage and pay-out whatsoever? I was considering an inexpensive supplemental policy.


Btw: cost to insure a 2 year old hamster - 8.00 a month :lol

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