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Future Greyhound Owner Introduction

Guest saucyaussies

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Guest saucyaussies

Hi everyone!


Just found this site, and am so happy to have done so! Figured I'd post an intro and get a feel for the board. About me, I'm Carly, I live on Vancouver Island in BC with my pack of Australian Shepherds. The oldest is Jurny (aka PCH CH Caitland Jurney into the Crowd CDX, AGX, HIC, SAADC, NAC, NGC, NJC, TN-N, TG-N, GS-N) a 9y/o black tri boy, next in line is Argus (aka CH Caitland Eyes of a Hawk ADC, DNA-CP) a 4 y/o boy, blue merle with copper/white markings and finally is the newest member to the family Impulse (aka Caitland Leap Before Ewe Look) a nearly 3 month old red and white girl. I compete in agility, conformation, obedience, and soon to be herding once Impulse is old enough. Argus plays around with the sheep but there's a lot of work to do there. I also have a gazillion fish, mostly cichlids. Tanks range from a 29 gallon planted tank with a bunch of fishy misfits mostly catfish, a 75 gallon with african cichlids, a 90 gallon with 3 parrot cichlids and two severums and finally my baby, a 4 y/o Oscar named Marlin in a 135 gallon with his pack of silver dollars. I had a mate for him but sadly I lost her last weekend unexpectedly.


So you're probably wondering why I'm here being as this is a greyhound site. :huh I am finally at a place in my life where I feel I can add a retired racer to my house. I recently finished my degree in nursing, bought 2.5 acres and started a full time job as a public health nurse. I have the application filled out and ready to go the next time I head into town. I'm looking at adding a grey anytime after late fall. I want to get a little more age on Impulse (lets get one dog housetrained before adding another shall we?) and let her grow up a bit so she's not quite so nutty as well I still have some fencing to do. Fencing will be done sometime in September when my fencing crew returns from holidays (my parents), I am busily painting fenceboards right now.


Anyways, I'm here to learn, meet ppl and see what life with a greyhound is all about!



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Hi Carly and welcome, you came to the right place to gather info :welcome


What part of the Island are you from?


I grew up in Campbell River but later moved to Victoria (which incidentally is where I saw my first real live greyhound) but now reside in Ottawa

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Guest hamiesmom

Welcome to the site from Ottawa. I used to live in Richmond, BC where I volunteered with Greyhoundpetsinc., moved to Ottawa about 5 years ago to be with family and am happily owned by a 9yr old fawn greyt male and a 10 yr old cat who was born feral out in the wilds of Richmond. You will love this site. Keep us posted.

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Guest smarthound

Welcome! You will find lots of great information here. Your next step is to post some pictures of your current family for us to admire.


I've always thought it would be good to have a herding dog to help us keep the greyhounds in line. :colgate Instead, we just "borrow" the Australian Shepherd that lives next door to play with Josie who is high energy (for a greyhound). When Josie runs out of steam, Beau entertains himself by putting toys on Josie's back. It keeps us laughing.



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Guest saucyaussies

Thanks guys! I've been perusing the site and it looks great! Aroundthehounds, I grew up in Qualicum, btu have recently moved to Port Alberni. Not my ideal place to live, btu I found a great house/acreage and I LOVE my job. Total fluke to get a full time job as a public health nurse out of school, so I consider myself pretty darn lucky!


Here are a few pics of the gang


Jurny, the oldest







Argus, the middle child (and he acts like it!)








(yep, that's a turkey at the front of the line)


Impulse, the youngest









And a couple of the boys together (before the young lady moved in)





Sorry, I know there's a lot, I couldn't decide which were my favourites of them!



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Greetings Carly, from Southern California.

Loved all the pics you sent.

I know you will find this site to be a wealth of information.

Glad you found us and keep us up to date with the family and the new kid too.


I think it will be very interesting to find out how a Greyhound feels about being herded.

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