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More Eating Woes

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I have been reading Flake's thread (and copying ideas), but I had a couple of questions and didn't want to highjack.


Sugar is still being extremely picky. Her digoxen test came back low-normal, so it's not that. I am starting her on Pepcid tonight, and have stocked up on some of the alternatives mentioned in the other thread (one each :lol ).


I have two problems, however. Hand feeding her won't work, even after 4 years, she won't take anything from my hand. I am going to try putting the food on people plates, do you think she would like my grandmother's Limoges wedding china? :rolleyes:


My other problem is Fletcher, who, even in the good old days, finished eating light years before Sugar. He hangs around, waiting for her leftovers, which, if I am not watching carefully, a "leftover" is defined as anything not currently in her mouth! He's gotten better lately, as I have had to pick up her food and offer something else, but he still lurks. I may try shutting him in another room, but I don't see that going well, does anyone have any other ideas?


Thanks! Jan

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Guest TBSFlame

I wouldn't shut him in another roon with the door closed. I would babygate or crate him. Mem eats slower that the others so I always feed her in her crate. When Schmoo (grand dog) is over I always babygate her in another room.

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When Survey first came home I put her in the kitchen and the others in the dining room and literally stood betwwn them until Survey "got it". It was a pain sometimes, inconvenient sometimes, but it worked. Now she just comes into the family room when she is finished and waits for the others so they can go out.




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Guest Greensleeves

I always put Flint outside while Nelly (and formerly Whistler) eats, and I had to hover over Whistler to make sure Nelly didn't sneak up on his bowl. I just always found it easier to physically restrain one dog while the picky dog ate.


If, however, the sound of a dog angry at being restrained distracts the picky dog, you may just have to *hold* him back. Do you have any other humans in your household who can help you?

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No, no help, just me! He wouldn't be angry, just upset at being left out! If it gets bad, I can put him in the backyard, but so far he seems to understand, something...? Anyway, he's not as pushy as he used to be, so maybe it will be ok. I feed the cats first, so, unless there is an outbreak of picky cat crap, I can concentrate on the dogs. Tonight I tried a new kind of kibble, and she ate it! We'll see how long that lasts :lol

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