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Does This Sound Like A Uti Or Am I Grasping At Straws?

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We brought home a new hound 2 weeks ago. She is a sweet girl named Holly. When we adopted her we noticed yellow stains all over her white coat and we were told they were pee stains and would eventually wash out. Several days after we left the kennel (without Holly as this was during our intial visit) it occured to me that this might be odd - usually dogs don't pee in their crates but I figured there was a logical explanation and just forgot about it. We have had her 2 weeks now and have had 5 accidents in the house (didn't have any with my other greys when they came home) and now 1 in the crate. We have been very good about taking her out often (obviously not so good at watching her when she is out of the crate :blush ) and a couple of her accidents make no sense because she had just been out. When she does pee the urine is very yellow and smells strongly of urine (I'm having trouble getting the smell out of the carpet). Anyway, could she have a UTI? What antibiotic do they use to treat that? SHe has been on Cephalexin for 1 1/2 weeks now because her stitches from her spay weren't looking so good.



Kim, Silver and Holly

<p>Kim and the hound - Rumor
Missing my angels Marlow, Silver, Holly and Lucky

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Guest mzmazzei

Yep - UTI. We took our greyhound in Monday for a urinalysis AND culture. Waiting for the culture test results so she can be put on the right antibiotic. The culture takes 3-5 days. Fiona had a 3 hour episode of incontinence last Saturday and has had no symptoms since, but the urinalysis did show bacteria and red blood cells in the urine. We just need to know which bacteria to match the meds...

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Guest alannamac

Oh poor pup! This is definitely not normal and you should get her to the vet as soon as you can, both for her health and your sanity! If it's a UTI, it can be caused by any number of bacteria, and the vet will do a urine culture to grow up the bacteria to see what type is there. Different kinds of antibiotics kill different types of bacteria, so it could be that what she's on for the sutures is not effective....or it could be that the spay operation itself caused a bladder issue?

A quick temperature check will let you know if she's got a raging infection that requires a visit to the vet immediately.

I've never had to do this and don't know the right temps for greys......other than that it involves a rectal thermometer

Anyone here have advice?

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sounds like a UTI. Have you noticed if she dribbles pee when sleeping? If so it could mean she has urinary incontinence, sometimes this happens after a spay. I'd definitely get the vet to run a urinalysis to be sure about things.


Good Luck!

Praying for all the missing greys!

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My schnauzer had a UTI recently (just finished the antibiotics yesterday!). The urine smelled HORRIBLE and she started having accidents in her crate which she never does. Definitely get it checked!

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Guest greytexplorer

Have you taken Holly to the vet yet?

I would just about guarantee the poor pup has a UTI.

My Mandy is prone to get them. I believe she took Baytril for the UTI, but I'm not sure. (it's a brown chewable tablet anyway)

If you haven't already taken her to the vet, please do so ASAP. Holly hurts. Have you ever had one? It's awful. You feel like you have to go all the time, and it will itch and burn. VERY uncomfortable, 24/7.

I'm aggravated that the kennel she came from ignored the issue. :angryfire But that's a rant for another forum, huh?

If it's a UTI, then your carpet problem is solved! :yay

Please keep us posted on Holly and give her a :kiss2 and a :dogcookie for me.


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Guest Redpack

...and as for the carpet...Nature's Miracle or some other enzymatic cleaner will get out the smell. Although it won't be completely gone until it dries.

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