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A Late Introduction

Guest grapecat

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Guest grapecat

Humphrey is the dog :)


We've been reading the site for several months, and when Humph broke his leg a few weeks ago I posted for advice and - wow - thank you! The advice was amazing, and it really made a difference.


So it is nice to introduce Humphrey and us properly! We adopted Humphrey in February - we don't know much of his history, but he was born on 5 Nov 2004, and he never raced (at least not legally). He was dropped off at a local greyhound rescue when the kennel he was at went bankrupt but the rest is a mystery - he appears to have had a tough time of it though. It's hard to believe now, but when he arrived he had large bald patches on his rump, and no hair on his belly - he was very thin, and he hadn't been eating well at the rescue kennel. He had no vaccination records or anything so we had to start from scratch with just about everything. Thank goodness he's a fast learner. He settled in very well, and as he gets used to things, he has shown himself to be a sensitive, smart and really quite cheeky hound! All that missing fur has grown in thick and sleek (with some very comical "fluffy butt" stages!) and I can't imagine Humph not eating. Ever. Anything. And now, 6 months in, he is displaying more "greyhound" behavior - grinning (sometimes!), rolling onto his back (roaching?), playing... it's amazing!


Humphrey is our first greyhound - Neal has had dogs before, but for me he is my first dog as well! We spent so many years traveling around (we're both Canadian) that it wasn't till we really settled down (in Kent, UK) that we could consider a dog. Without a doubt Humph has exceeded our expectations, though I've been a bit shocked at how much we love him, so fast. Unfortunately, this became horribly obvious when Humphrey snapped both leg bones in one leg above his foot, running in the park three weeks ago. He is on the mend now, however, and doing well. It's been a long haul and still will be, but it's getting easier and he is allowed to walk around the house now (!!!!! YES!!!!) which makes it so much easier!


Here's some pics of Humph in happier times!







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Guest Tenderhearts

Ohhhh that is one sleek and shiney boy! :beatheart :beatheart :beatheart


We are very glad to have you here, and continuing prayers for speedy healing!

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Guest grapecat
:welcome2 Hi from Canterbury! Where abouts in Kent are you? :wave

Get well soon, Humph, you handsome boy!

Hi! Thank you! We're actually in Faversham, so very close! We got Humph from the Sittingbourne greyhound rescue.

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