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Weight Loss

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Our Max who is 10 1/2 yrs old,has loss 9 pounds since April.

Actually this time last year he was 92 lbs. in April of this year

he was 88 then I had him to the vet on Thurs. for an eye infection

and he weigh in at 78. The vet did a blood panel and called last

nite to say that everything was in the normal range. (kidney, thyroid

etc.) We need to take a urine sample for testing...as the vet said

something is causing the weight loss

He is eating 4 1/2 cups a day of the Nutro senior diet, and treats during

the day.

Any ideas



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Senior greyhounds do sometimes lose weight for no apparent reason. Sometimes it's simply that they can't do the amount of exercise they used to and they lose muscle tone. This can make a big difference since they're heavily muscled dogs, and muscle being more dense than fat, it 'weighs' more, so that loss of muscle bulk will show on the scales as general weight loss. It could be that your vet doesn't see many greys and hasn't realised that they often tend to get gaunt as they age.


I have NEVER fed my senior hounds on senior foods for this very reason. Most senior foods are lower in calories, and my personal experience is that older greyhounds need all the calories they can get. :) When did you start feeding the senior Nutro? It could be that he simply needs a higher calorie food as he's ageing.


Jack is losing weight. He's just coming up to twelve years old in a few weeks. He's been going for regular vet checks and seems fine (apart from arthritis issues), so we're monitoring him, and meanwhile I'm feeding him puppy food for breakfast, and plenty of high calorie snacks. Ice cream is a favourite.


It's always worth ruling out health issues, especially as they get older, but having done that, if there's nothing physically wrong, I'd worm him, and just get more calories into him. ;)

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I've read the same thing with regard to older greys, senior diets and weight loss. Senior greyhounds need more calories.

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Has he always been eating Nutro senior? It's *very* low in calories -- regular senior has 267 per cup, others are similar except for large breed which has @ 300, still very low for a food ...... A lazyish dog his size should need @ 5.5 - 6 cups per day to maintain weight ......


How does he respond to activity? Does he go for walks? Play with toys? Pant a lot? Wear out quickly?

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