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Milk Thistle For Liver Failure

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My 12-year-old black & white longhair cat Sam has been in the hospital since Thursday morning, in liver failure. Vet says his liver enzymes are sky-high; liver & kidneys are both enlarged on ultrasound, but no focal lesions can be seen. His megacolon's been acting up lately too - he became obstipated and had to have an enema. He'll be on lactulose, which will also help with ammonia buildup from the liver failure. He's been eating all along, so we doubt it's hepatic lipidosis. I've chosen not to get a biopsy, because needle biopsy wouldn't really be definitive, and open, surgical biopsy just seems too much to put a senior cat through. We're going to try treating him as if it's hepatitis, with antibiotics & possibly steroids...


Does anyone know the dose of milk thistle for a cat? He weighs about 8 lbs. I've been looking online, and found all kinds of info stating "1/6 the human dose" and other vague statements like that. What form should I buy it in? The easiest for me to get hold of would be 200mg gel caps at Costco, but if I have to buy some kind of tincture, or whatever, so be it.


I'm bringing him home this afternoon....please send him a little "feline white light"!

Maryann, Bama (TW Beltram), Stephanie (Tom's Stepinhi) & Henderson the Cardigan Welsh Corgi

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I know they make a liquid form with a dropper. I have some. I got it at a health food store. I have no idea what the dose would be for your cat. It is 15-30 drops up to 5x a day for humans. I remember being told to make sure it was alcohol free. The liquid form may be easier for dosing.

The Girls

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