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Guest weasel33



I'm new to this site but I've heard others speak very highly of it. My hubby & I adopted our first Greyhound on June 1. Lulu is wonderful but we're having some issues. She's 5 and I was told by the rescue, who was told by her foster parents in Florida, that she was already house trained, was used to being home by herself all day, didn't need to be crated, etc. Unfortunately, she's not really any of those things. Since the day I brought her home, she's had many accidents in the house - usually several a week and now she seems to be developing separation anxiety. She's been shredding her beds and blankets in her crate at night and sometimes during the day and whines incessantly in the crate. It breaks my heart to crate her while we're at work, but its the only way I can keep her from going to the bathroom all over the house. We also have a mixed-breed dog, Rufus, who is 3 and LOVES having a playmate and the dogs are always together, so I didn't expect Lulu to have such separation issues. We've had Rufus for 2 years and I took his crate down after the first 6 months, so when we adopted Lulu, I put two crates up and Rufus goes in and out of his as he pleases.


Lulu's house training has gotten a little bit better since she's on a more rigid schedule, but I can't leave her alone for a second or she'll sneak off and go somewhere else in the house. I have to take her with me everywhere I go in the house and block off her access to the other rooms when I'm home. She's a wondful dog - very sweet and funny but I can't seem to figure out how to get her to stop going to the bathroom in the house (both poop & pee) and I'd love to be able to stop crating her when we're at work. Sometimes she'll go in the house 15 minutes after going to the bathroom outside. I had the vet check her for a UTI and she's fine, healthwise. She is sneaky and I've only "caught her in the act" a couple of times and when I have, I've told her a firm "NO" and taken her outside, but she's already finished her business. I do praise her every time she goes to the bathroom outside to make sure she knows how happy I am and I'm better at figuring out her signals when she has to go, but I'm just not sure what else I can do. Unless I catch her in the act, I just clean up the mess and don't acknowledge it. It seems like she knows when she's done something wrong because she'll put her head and ears down and give me a funny look. I've read "Greyhounds for Dummies" and tried the techniques mentioned in the book and talked to the vet, but I'm not having a whole lot of luck.


I was just wondering if anyone might have some advice on how I can stop crating her and get her housetrained? After the fence is complete, I may look into a sensored doggie door to keep my two cats in and allow the dogs to go in and out when they choose, but I'm worried that if I can't even get her housetrained that I may never be able to teach her to use a doggie door. She's brought us so much happiness, but I'm worried that I'm somehow failing her - and I'd really appreciate any help you can provide.




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Guest trevdog

Do you have any contact with the foster mom? She probably had a schedule Lulu was on for potty breaks. Also can you babygate her or muzzle her in a safe area? She may realize she's home and doesn't like being confined to the crate. Also when taking her out to potty, give her treats with the praise. It may help her get the idea quicker. I wouldn't crate her when your home, greys like to be with their humans as much as possible. Mine sleep in my room at night, not in a crate or somewhere else in the home.

You can also try the bungee cord method for potty issues. Keep her leashed to you at all times when you are at home, she will be less likely to potty in the house that way and if she does, you can correct her immediately.

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I am certainly not an expert. However, she was housetrained but at her foster family's house. Not yours. So it is house training 101 for her. She must be in your sight at all times when you are at home. This so you can catch he before she goes and hustle her out.


The umbilical method may work well for you or use a babygate to keep her in the room where you are. Don't let her wander away out of sight, You need to increase her potty breaks - 1st thing in the am , immedietly after eating, and every couple of hours when you are home etc. On work days it would help if you could get someone to take her out at least mid day.


Can you perhaps try babygating her in the kitchen or an area easy to clean while you are gone if she is unhappy in the crate?


Oh and of course you must remove any lingering odour of pee where she has gone to date with a good enzyme cleaner. Good luck!!!!




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Your Lulu sounds like my Shanti when I got her! You are educating yourself, yet can't fix this just yet and it is frustrating! I know...I have been there!


My girl hates a crate! She is babygated (we have 7 gates in our house) onto the tile area. Much easier to clean!!! Is there a easily cleanable place to gate her? Shanti also had separation anxiety. I used a DAP diffuser for her. It worked GREAT with her, but I know some dogs don't respond to it.


If you can talk to the foster family, do! They may shed some light on her for you. Pick a schedule that works for everyone. Take her out first thing in the morning, after meals, mid afternoon, after dinner before bed. Take FABULOUS treats with you. Reward her greatly after she goes where she should. You may have to wait it out. At least the weather is nicer! I had to sit in the rain for a LONG time with my girl.


Limit her access to the rooms in the house. The more freedom at first, the more chance for failure. As she proves herself, you may grant more access. I have had my girl 1 1/2 years. She is still not granted access to my living room at night. To this day she will pee in it! If she is going in the same spot, put her bed or food there. That helps with a lot of greys, but sadly did not help mine. She is a goof!


Pay attention to when she is sneaking off an peeing. Is there loud noises anywhere? Routine change? My girl peed when my little boys fought or cried. I missed this, my group pointed this out. Oh how right they were!


You can put a bell or something on her collar that way she will jingle when she moves. My girl has 3 tags. They jingled. I knew when she moved, but she was fast! Now the tags are velcroed together for quiet. :)


You will be able to use a dog door at some point. Mine do now. I would make her go out it and meet her out in the backyard so she got use to it. If need be, tape the flap up for a bit.


Hang in there, she will get it in time. It took my girl a few months. Good luck!

The Girls

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Guest paulamariez

Did you try giving her a little treat each time she goes outside, while you're praising her? It has to be immediately after she goes so she connects the treat with her doing her business. I broke up some treats and kept them in my pocket, because it ended up that my hounds figured it out and kept going to the bathroom to get treats and they were OD'ing on them! They got to know this routine so well they'd stick their needle noses in my pocket to try and take them. Also, one other thing, my Domino was doing the same thing right after we got him, the going outside and then sneaking off and going in the house a few minutes later. It might be a bit of a separation anxiety thing going on there during the initial settling in period. Another thing is keep her on a strict schedule. I started out taking Dom out every two hours during the day, but I had the luxury of being home with him the whole time. He still has the separation anxiety going on, but at least he's not going in the house any longer while were home with him. Hope something helps you out. I know how trying those first couple of months are. I remember quite well after going through it five times in the past! You will get through it I promise! And you'll be so glad you toughed it out because these greyhounds are the absolute greatest dogs in the world! :wub:

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