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Guest Giselle

Are dogs supposed to get bumps like humans? You know where you roll over the wrong side of the bed and wake up with a big, purplish bump on your forehead? Giselle has three of those :blink: They look like extra eyebrows on her nose and forehead LOL. I assume she got them while roughhousing with my puppy, seeing as they love to play the "bite-your-head!" game. They aren't causing her much pain and there's no discoloration. The bump on her nose looks like it's going down, but have any of you experienced this before?

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Pudge le mutt gets bumps because Gracie likes to clamp her mouth on Pudge's head and drag her outside to play. We refer to those as love bumps :wacko: They've played that way since day one.

Gracie gets bumps from mosquito and gnat bites while outside.


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