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Teddy's Limp

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We noticed Teddy limping one week ago. We made an appointment with the vet, (because if we are not there once a week for one of them, I'm sure they would worry about us!!! :D )



I then cancelled the appointment because he stopped limping only to have it start again. And stop.


We took him in today. What they saw was the beginnings of a possible corn. She did not think that was the problem. She told us to buy some vitamin E and rub the oil from it into the area. Has anyone done this? How long do you do it for? My DH did not ask.


More than likely she thought that maybe he overextended a muscle while running/ playing.


We told her of the incident where he lunged at the nanny 2 days ago and grazed her face with his tooth. She took blood to see if there was anything systemic because that was so unlike Teddy behavior. (he's a mush)


She did not think it was anything serious and told us he looks greyt. (we think so too. all 80 pounds of him)


So the good news is it probably is nothing serious.


The bad news is I spent $200.00 to hear he has a slight limp!!!! :huh But hey, he got a manicure / pedicure out of the deal!


With Beau, I had to spend close to 3K to have his nails cut. Yeesh!

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