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Refuses To Walk On Grass

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I am posting this to see if anyone has had a similar experience. I've got a puzzling situation that recurs every summer with my female greyhound and am hoping that someone else out there can tell me what's going on.


My girl is 8 years old and was diagnosed 3 years ago with SLO, which has since been brought under control with meds--niacinamide, tetracycline and Omega 3 supplements. Currently, she is on Omega three supplements only, and does fine, except in the summer months, when she starts refusing to walk in the grass in the yard. In fact, when I take her on walks she will refuse to walk in the grass until the urge to go becomes absolutely too much. Sometimes, she'll even pee on the pavement!


Her nails are not bleeding, and look fine but it's as if there is something wrong with her feet and it only happens between May and September. I've asked the vet about seasonal allergies--he says there's no indication of that, but I am thinking about trying some Benadryl anyway to see if it makes a difference.


Her refusing to walk in the grass results in refusing to potty in the yard, which then becomes pottying in the house. I can get her to go if I walk her, but I'm worried she's in pain that I don't know about. If you have any ideas, I'd be so appreciative.






Cheryl, mom to Remy and Woot. Always in my heart Haley, Henry and Sheba.

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wow, that's one I've never heard before. there's nothing different about the grass? I mean, even something so simple as maybe it being wet?



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Worth trying some lightweight booties or (in dry weather) baby socks.

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Guest Vivagreyts

I know what you mean. My Dalmatian (now deceased) had this strage behaviour every summer (11) of his life! Always the same thing. As soon as the snow had melted, he refused to go in the grass in the backyard and potty in backyard. On the snow, at the park and every other place it was ok, but not on the grass of my backyard. He seemed to be disgusted to walk on it. I think it's because of the odours left in the grass....I even tried to walk him on leash in the backyard to let him know it was ok (pretty ridiculous, I know), it didn't work either.


I never knew why, if you do, let me know.




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Guest Snowy8

Well I know a lot of the pups at the adoption kennel have never seen grass & don't know what to think of it when we bring them out to meet their visitors or to have their website picture taken...

But you say this is every spring-autumn...strange. Maybe the grass is hot. It happens. Or because its new, it feels different.

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