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Cut On Foot

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Missy had a deep cut on her foot--just on the side of her large pad. Vet stitched and bandaged it. Five days later took of bandage and said to leave stitches to air out for five more days. I guess I was stupid thinking she wouldnt bother them...within one day she ripped all the stitches out and the cut opened up again bleeding everywhere. we were away and she was home with me son. he applied pressure and bleeding stopped. back to vet when we got home--now he (different vet in practice) cleaned it up..scraped some stuff out and stitched with dissolvable stitches--with her sedated.wants it wrapped for five days and will change bandage in five days-leaving it covered. she must have stepped on glass or something since it is like a slice into her foot. has anyone had this experience before. it can not heal alone due to the location of the cut. thanks

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Guest Hannah



no help but it might make you laugh


our old whippett Sally did something similar. dad took her off to the vets while mum tried to work out how you removed blood from every available surface.

she too took great joy in ripping out her stitches so the vet - after about the third set of stitches - put her whole leg (it was a front one) in a plaster cast (she could remove an e-collar :rolleyes: )


anyway one day before she was due to take another trip to the vet to get her stitches out and pot off me and my sister were looking at her sat in the chair trying to work out what looked odd before going running into the kitchen yelling "Mum, mum, Sally has three front legs"


she had managed to slide her leg out of the pot and was just settling down to rip out the stitches when mum arrived. Poor mum didn't get any sleep that night as she sat up and every time sally started to put her nose by her foot would shout NO in the VOG :lol


I was about 10 at the time so its a good 24 or so years ago, I still miss Sally, she was a real character :lol

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One of my girls had a cut pad. The vet used dissolving sutures and we kept the bandage on for about a week as I recall. I do remember having to "bag" her foot to kep the bandage dry when she went out. Poor girl was embarrassed to go out wearing a convenience store bag. Pad cuts do take a while to heal.

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