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Has Anyone Tried This For Tick Control?

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Has anyone heard of or tried this?




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Guest meandmygreys

Damminix Tick Tubes are available in the states of MA, MD, ME, PA, NY, RI, CT, NH, NJ and VA.

RATS !! I really liked this idea and scrolled down to find out they're not available in my state.... :headwall

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1) Buy some permethrin:




Or Home Depot, Lowes, etc. Read labels.


2) Add to cotton.


3) Put cotton in tubes where mice will steal it to put into their nesting material.






"Alright, so here’s how to make your own, slightly different, ‘traps’: Put on gloves and goggles, spray a permethrin insecticide onto pieces of felt, heavy cloth or old carpet, line the insides of pieces of PVC plumbing pipe with the sprayed material, then place the pipes in brushy areas around your property. The mice will go inside the pipes to hide (they love tight little spaces) and the permethrin will kill their ticks-all without you spraying yourself OR the environment! Heck, you won’t even hurt the mice! Whether you use Daminex tubes or make your own ‘mouse wipes’, space the traps about 10 yards apart on the perimeter of your property, where overgrown, brushy areas begin. Don’t waste them on manicured lawns; you won’t find ticks there."


Bear in mind this isn't a good idea if your dogs like to chew on plastic or cardboard tubes. Although it has low mammalian toxicity, greys have funky physiology and they shouldn't be eating pesticides anyway.

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