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Update On Zippy

Guest zippsmum

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Guest zippsmum

Everything seems to be going very well with Zip. We have been following the meds regime to the letter and keeping Zip very quiet other than small, calm walks.....although it is impossible to stop him from being frightened by a bush blowing in the wind, or wanting to kick the earth :rolleyes: . We are also off to see an acupuncturist.


Thank you all so much for your prayers he is much more stable than Wednesday, only one of his back legs drags at all, and then only on and off when he is walking slowly, when he is jogging there is no dragging at all. He can ** his leg to pee and not fall over, not as high as before, but still :colgate . He seems to be compensating for the lack of balance that he has in the back end by using his tail, much like he does when he runs fast, they are just so amazing, so adaptable.


I think, that given the x rays, he hasn't blown a disk, but rather shifted it slightly out of alignment so that it is pressing on the nerve, mostly to the right leg. My question is this.....as well as the acupuncturist should we also be looking into a veterinary chiro? If so....once again I don't know any here in London (SW ontario).....so if anyone knows of any that they trust, it would be wonderful.


Thanks again for all the prayers and support, it got us through the worst of a difficult time.



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I've used chiropractic for my hounds (and myself) and feel it can be very beneficial. My bridge boy, Keno, started leaking urine out of the blue when I first adopted him. I'd read that sudden incontinence in males dogs could result from a lumbar vertebra being out of alignment. Since I'd just taken him to his first ever play group and he had run and played like a wild man, I took Keno in for an overall checkup and a chiropractic consult. The adjustment stopped the urine leakage right away. It happened once again about two years later, and immediately resolved after an adjustment.


I can't speak to whether or not Zip's particular problem would benefit, but if you can locate a chiropractor in your area, I think it would be beneficial to have him checked out.


Good luck. I hope he continues to improve.

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