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My Jilli Has Cancer In Her Shoulder

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I dont post on here much, but I do check in from time to time.


Jilli (My first grey and my heart) started limping in April after a run with her younger brothers. I gave Deramaxx for a couple of days and it seemed to help, but being the worrier that I am I took her to the vet anyway. They X-Rayed and did not see anything conclusive... so keep treating with Deramaxx. With her age and the fact we live on the second floor it would probably take awhile for any soft tissue to heal.


Fast forward to June....


Her limp was not going away and within the past 2 weeks or so gotten more pronounced, to the point when she was standing still she would rest her leg by knuckling it under. I was afraid for a day or so to hear the truth, but when she started resting it I took her back to my vet. He did all sorts of chiropractic looking tests (rotating hips, shoulders and neck stretches) and watched her walk. He looked at the original X-Rays and said he wanted to do another just to see if anything had changed.


Well, it had. When you put them side by side you could tell where the bone was being eaten away. Yes, the moth eaten look is a correct statement.


Since Jilli is 11.5 and already showing signs of weakening (instability) in her rear end, amputation is not an option. So we will be managing her pain and taking it one day at a time. Right now she is on Deramaxx and Tramadol. I was reading in the other thread about Neuro(something) and I will check into that as well.


Right now she is still her fiesty self with a bad limp. She still tries to chase the cat (not mean, promise) and play some.


I am at work so I can not post pictures. I will log in tonight from home and post a picture of her from last night. She is in my Siggy and my Avatar though.

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Sending many prayers for sweet Jilli and her family. Would radiation be an option? :grouphug


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Guest meandmygreys

Bless your heart !! I just lost my girl 2 months ago to old age 15.5..Keep her comfortable and take it one day at a time..my heart goes out to you and your girlie.



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Sending many prayers for sweet Jilli and her family. Would radiation be an option? :grouphug


I did some reading about the radiation treatments. The drawbacks I read about were the pathologic breaks ocurring easier since the pain is gone.


I will talk to my vet about it and see what he thinks too. If it is an option and financially feasible we will do it.

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Guest Hawke

Warmth to you!


I wrote about our experiences with our beloved Shiloh in Wenda's thread if you want to look.

Radiation helped a great deal for him, but it was expensive. You might check out palmidromate (sp? see the Wenda thread) for pain relief and possibly some theraputic benefit.


Good wishes to your whole family--four-legged and two-legged.

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I'm saddened to read this about your Jilli. I hope you can find a good solution to keep her as pain-free as possible. Too many of us are dealing with cancer with our greys. :grouphug:grouphug

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Sending prayers for your family and for Jilli.



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