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Frontline Plus And Bathing

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I wanted to give the kids a bath today and then looked at the calendar. There Frontline is due on Wednesday. I know you can't bath two days after application but is there any rule that says you can't bath two days before application?




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Guest Snazzy_Chloe

I heard 3 days either side - but cannot remember where I heard it. (probably on this forum). The directions on Frontline say not to apply more often than 30 days, if you prolong it a couple of days it should be fine.

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Guest greytexplorer

My :2c Apply 3 days before or 3 days after.

The reason is because the medication is delivered via the oils in the dog's coat.

It takes a couple of days for the meds to "stream". Bathing the dog distrubs or removes the oil from the dog's coat.

I always bathe first, and medicate 3 days (or more) later.

Hope this makes sense.

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