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Dry Skin

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Does anyone know of a good skin conditioning shampoo? Georgia has dry skin. I have her on Omegas or at least I think I do...I find Omega pills hidden in the strangest places...she's really gotten pretty good a tricking me into believing she's taken them. Anyway, any advice would be appreciated.




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Guest LolasMom

I had the same problem with the Omega 3 fish oil capsules until I discovered the bottles of oil. !/2 teaspoon twice a day on her food. She like the taste (no accounting :sick ) and after 4weeks her skin and fur has transformed! It takes a few weeks to show though.

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How long have you had Georgia? If she is fresh off the track, you may see gradual improvement in skin condition and quality with improved feed (i.e., good quality kibble). Fish oil capsules are fave-raves here: the dogs come running when I shake the container.


For particularly dry spots, I take Vaseline Intensive Care lotion and dilute with water. That gets applied to dry patches; it works very well.

Coco (Maze Cocodrillo)

Minerva (Kid's Snipper)

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Guest IrskasMom



Shampoo with Oatmeal is good as before mentioned and I have have Omega3 Capsules . I just cut the very

Tip off and squeezed over Food. I did not know , it is available in a Bottle. Good to know.

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