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Ruby Has A High Protein Level

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I took in a urine sample from Ruby to be tested for a UTI, she has been leaking urine occasionally. The vet just called and said that her protein level was high. I asked what the numbers were and she said it should be a negative but it's a plus 3. She has to go in Monday for a blood test to check her kidney function. I looked through my greyhound medical info trying to find out if this number was okay for a greyhound but didn't find anything.


Does this sound high for a greyhound?

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Guest ss556

Alan has had 3+ protein in urine since last June. He was diagnosed with glomerularnephritis - a form of kidney disease. You need bloodwork to see his BUN level and a Urine Protein Creatinine Ratio. Good luck.

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It depends on the lab and their ranges. I wouldn't sweat it until you see both the creatinine and BUN levels.

Remember, if the creatinine level is higher but the BUN is O.K. we don't worry :shakefinger

I went through this with both the old boys, especially as they got older, (not the protein in the urine, I don't think anyway). and both were always fine. :)

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