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Mia Bella Update

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And I am surprised, but it is only Erlichea. The vet and I (and Burpdog Diane) were all convinced that she had to have something else going on, but the titer came back with Erlichea only. Her other tests were all clean, no bacterial infection, nothing else going on that we can find. So evidently the Erlichea just crashed her immune system pretty bad.


She is feeling a lot better, we are still trying to get her to eat as many small meals as possible to get some weight back on her. She is SKINNY! But her appetite is good as long as you don't put something in the bowl that she doesn't like. :lol I have a feeling that once she is well, we will have some trouble getting her to eat her normal meals because she has been so spoiled with Burpdog Biscuits crumbled on top, boiled hamburger, boiled chicken, etc. But we'll do whatever it takes.


I :heart my little Mia girl, keep those positive thoughts coming!

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Wow, I'm surprised too, but I guess that's good news. I'm so glad she is on the mend. Love me some little Me Me :beatheart

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Okay, what's wrong with this thread? Alisha?





Glad she's feeling a bit better, and keeping positive thoughts coming for that food transitioning in her future! ;):lol


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Good girl Mia. Keep eating. :chow


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Guest vahoundlover
:yay I never thought I would be happy to hear "a tick disease" Sending prayers Mia is well on her way to getting better and eats like a good girl! Latonya was asking about you & Mia tonight, I'll let her know the "good" news.
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Guest KennelMom

wow..."just" ehrlichia. That's surprising, but I'm glad they have a definitive diagnosis and she's on her way to recovery. We are lucky that none of our Ehrlichia hounds have ever gotten sick like Mia, but it's a valuable lesson for everyone. Never underestimate how life-threatening a TBD can be.


For Mia... :kiss2

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