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Adequan Questions

Guest BradyzMommy

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This seems like it should be a question for your vet. I know with horses that it's recommended to do injections weekly for a month before switching to once per month. Adequan has been a miracle drug for my friend's 36 y/o horse. After the initial series, she's been giving him injections as needed - usually about every 3-4 weeks. Too bad the stuff costs so darn much.

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It isn't dangerous to not do the full treatment... but maximum benefit is achieved by following the schedule. We generally do 2 injections/week for 4 weeks and reaccess at the end.





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Guest Greensleeves

My understanding is that the effects are cumulative--so the more they get, the better they do.


Our vet gives the treatment as follows: twice weekly for four weeks, followed by one injection quarterly.


Nelly has done *amazing* on the Adequan for two years now, and we're only just starting to see signs she may need other therapies in addition (she's 7, with a severely damaged pelvic bone).

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