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Hulling Corns

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Wednesday I had an appointment with the vet for Tom, he finally got neutered, his teeth got cleaned(lost only one tooth :) ) and after looking at the link I provided, he tried the hulling for the three corns Tom had. He was very happy with the method and didn't charge me for removing them :)


Now, I don't know why, but I expected Tom to have a lot less pain right away.

But instead he is limping even worse with the leg he had two corns in.

It this how it is supposed to be, do I want things to go to fast?

Or should I go back to the vet and have him checked out for other things...


I would love to see my sweet boy walk normal and without pain for once.

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We found for the small ones that pop right out they feel better right away.


If they're larger or if it's the first time they've been done sometimes it takes a few days for them to feel better.


I'd watch them for a day or two to make sure the holes don't look red or like they're getting more irritated.


One of Nancy's corns took several days after it was hulled for her to stop limping on it. Now when it comes back I can actually just take it out w/ my fingernails (which are non-existant).



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Guest weisster

Darrel has been hulled 3 or 4 times now. He always limps worse and for longer...a week...sometimes more if the doc goes too deep. He never walks without a limp but he does walk better for about a week and than it's time to take him back. It's really quite frustrating. We only walk on grass because of this

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A trainer also told me about "memory pain" Where the pain may actually be gone, but the dog is not recognizing it. Happens when there is long term pain.


I hope Tom is feeling better by now:)


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Hugs to you and Tom.

I thought I'd tell you and anyone who might have a corn-dog :P about what has happened with Wabi, in case it can help.

She had a corn that was sticking out above the pad by the time I started this treatment, suggested by a few posts here on GT. I started adding bee propolis to her food, and a few days later, it had hulled itself! :D Now, a few weeks later, it's still a slightly harder place on her pad, but seems less sensitive to touch, and less hard, less distinct than right after the "hulling". I have her in booties when we go for walks, which seems to take care of any residual sensitivity.


The treatment suggested here on GT was actually to mix propolis and aloe, and apply it to the corn 2x/day, but I got capsules instead of some nice smearable form, so I just started popping them in her food until I worked out what I would do about that. Being a right procrastinator, that's as far as I got for several days. So. Voila! :D


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