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Strange Issue ...

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Just wondering...my friend just called me very worried because her Boxer had a strange thing happen.

He suddenly started moving his head and it seemed that he couldn't control the movement. She said it looked

exactly like those toy-dogs with a movable head that are often put in cars. It looked like Parkinson's disease but only

for a few minutes..then the dog was back to his normal self. He's fine otherwise...


Anybody had that happen or knows what it could be?


The dog was alert all the time...no epileptic issue.


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Sounds like head wobbles... the possibility of mild seizure activity or wobbler's syndrome come to mind.

Sometimes they can be caused by a reaction to pesticides as well.


When Icarus had his seizures, he was alert every time.. he responded to us as well. He had petite mal seizures though.

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quite possibly vestibular disorder -- how old is the dog?

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it happened to Bailey once...we traced it back to her eating some grass at the park that had recently been fertilized. it only happened the one night and she was fine the next morning...



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Guest TishaT

It happened a few times to my Gypsy and it turned out to be a reaction to her pain meds - she had a broken leg at the time. I stopped the meds and it hasn't happened since.

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Pearl's had a few. Didn't trace it back to anything. If I got her to move, it stopped. It usually occurred when she was just lying on the couch looking at me. It happens rarely but I would say in the 5 yrs I've had her, she's had about 5.


With all her other problems. I haven't worried about this one.




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