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Urinary Incontinence

Guest bakerskids

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Guest bakerskids

It's been quite awhile since I posted anything, but I need help from you out there. We have recently noted in the last 2 weeks that there has been a wet spot in our bed, where our greys LOVE to sleep! It's not just a little wet, but a whole lot of wet. It didn't smell like urine (we thought) because our males urine you know it when he does it. But then we "compared" our females urine to the smell (my hubby is a very brave soul) and it does seem to match up. Now let me state she is perfect in all other ways, eating and drinking normally, no fever, full of it regularly, just her normal gorgeous self. I am 98% sure that she is "leaking" when she sleeps. I don't want to jump right into prescription meds, I want to try all natural first. I have read that cornsilk is a good alternative and I think that is where I am going to start. Any suggestions would be GREYLY appreciated. I hate not letting her up on the bed and she seems almost guilty, so I need to fix this! Oh and for any of you who may be wondering.... she has NOT been yelled at once for this, it just isn't her fault :( !!!!


Please help!

Thank you,

Lisa, Chris

Orion & Solara


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Guest vahoundlover

My holistic vet told me she has had great success using herbs over PPA. I have a link at home for a website a friend has used with good success, I'll post that when I get home.

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Here is an article on Incontinence in Dogs. Talks about different kinds of options including natural ones.


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I have no personal experience with incontinence, but a friend of mine feeds her dogs raw and noticed that one of them was having this issue all of a sudden. After a while it went away, seemingly on its own. Then it returned and she realized that she was feeding her dog kibble during the initial bout and when it happened again - because of boarding and vacation I think. They went back to raw and problem went away.


Her theory was that since raw has a high water content, the dogs drink much less, or perhaps they just drink too much with kibble. Feeding canned food (since it has a lot of moisture too) may have a similar effect. Obviously if there is an underlying problem this wouldn't help at all. I'm also wondering if the warm weather (as we're having where I am) could be causing your dog to drink more.

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Here's a LINK to an article from Whole Dog Journal about incontinence and gives information on lots of options before resorting to PPA or DES.


I've had good luck with a product by Only Natural pet products which can be found here.

These are chewable tablets and The Active Ingredients Per Chewable Tablet Are:

Pumpkin Seed Powder 150 mg

Rehmannia glutinosa (root) Powder 150 mg

Wild Yam Extract 150 mg

Soy Protein Extract 100 mg

Corn Silk Powder 60 mg

Saw Palmetto Extract 60 mg

Olive Leaf Extract 50 mg

Vitamin B6 25 mg


They have other natural supplements for incontinence, including homeopathic liquids as well.


My bridge boy, Keno, developed incontinence a couple of times after he played too hard and responded immediately to a chiropractic adjustment. My vet said this is more common in males than females, but you never know. Chiropractic and acupuncture are discussed in the Whole Dog Journal article.


Good luck and let us know how it goes. :colgate


Edited to add:

I just realized the link I posted is to the same article Sweetdogs referred to. GMTA! :D

Edited by galgrey

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Guest minzenon

I have used human sinus relief tablets (vet recommended) and they have worked perfectly - the only ingredient is pseudoephedrin = 1 tablet morning and night for 5 days then down to 1 tablet for 2-3 days but shae was all better after 4 days(vet said no need for more tablets) and that was 2 months ago and no problems since - tablets cost me $11

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Guest bakerskids

Thank you all soooo much! I love this website, but most of all the people on the other end! First let me say, I am so sorry to here about Dolly! My best friend has a rescued greyhound with the same name. But your loss makes my "wants" to try all natural meds first even stronger! I actually went to a health food store and bought cornsilk capsules. Solara has already had her first dose! Does it seem to matter if you give them all 3 capsules at once or should I do morning and night? I mixed it with a little baby food, so she was thrilled, and so was her brother cause you can't give one of them a treat and not the other! Right now we feed them Purina Chicken Blend, I believe. I'm sure it has grain in it, but it seems that all the store dog food does. PLUS I have to becareful because Orion cannot have anything with beef in it so that is another consideration. Other than a raw diet does anyone have ideas for food that would be alright for Orion and have little to no grain in it? Thank you all for the websites and input. I'm going to go to Petsmart tomorrow and read the list of ingrediants on every bag of dog food.

Lots of hugs,

Lisa & Solara

&&&&Chris & Orion

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Guest LynnM

I've heard good things (I have all males, so never tried it) about Ovex, by Standard Process. I've used others of their supplements, and I've seen more from them than just about any others, so I'd say it's worth a try. At worst, it won't do any harm.



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