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Seziure Or Spinal Problem Or Vestibular Ataxia?

Guest chrisvella

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Guest chrisvella

Polly is now 7, 9/2005 (at 5 years old) we first witnessed her "attack" or "episode". I never thought it was a seizure, but the vets were stumped and said it was. For a Year, she was fine, then 9/2006 she had another, and since she has had 4 more.


First she acts anxious, panting, pacing, bumping everying in sight with her nose. We try everything to break her attention. Then we'll hear her Toe nails scrapping on the wood floor and she loses control of her rear legs. The muscle usually are very hard. We make her lay down, she tries to get up, even though she physically really can't or her spine twists to one side.


SOMETIMES the episode just starts with her loss of control of her rear legs, with no other opening signs.


Eventually her front legs go too. Meanwhile panting, eyes wide, but NOT darting back and forth. Never loses consciousness, She Never vomits, nor does she lose control of her bowels or bladder. As a matter of fact we had her out when one started and she still managed to squat an pee like a good little girl. With a bad attack, her head, neck and spine will seize and curve drasticaly to the left.


We've taken her to Lanoka Oaks Vet and Garden State Vet Hosptial and VDH near Jackson, NJ, they were all stumped and though it was some type of seizure. I still did not feel it was a seizure. Many years ago I had a seizing cocker spaniel and it was very different. But the treating Vets tell me all seizure are different. Usually she's a mess for 2-5 hours and slowly comes out of it. For a day or so, she walks like a drunken sailor swaying to one side.


Thursday 5/24 she had another "attack" , we took her to our regular vet Lanoka Oaks. At home I had given her .5ml diazepam. Dr. Cho gave her another 1 ml in the office, 1 hour later because she was still in distress. Heart rate 171. This time the Dr. noted a front right foot drop and her reflexes in that foot, placing reflexes, were almost non-existant. Within 4 hours she was 70% herself, for a day or so she is out it.


So we decided it was time for a Neurologist. Tues 5/29, we took her to Red Bank Vet Hsp, NJ, Dr. Hammond agreed that it is probably not a seizure. He is a Neurologist working with Dr. Glass a Neurologist. Dr. Glass agreed. By this appointment she was feeling/acting normal. During the exan the Dr.s manipulated her body, legs, spine and did a detailed check up. (She's had blood work ups, they are always close to normal)


Then last Thursday night, she starting pacing, panting, agitated. When she would lay down, she kept "placing" or moving her right front leg. When she wasn't "placing" her right front leg and shoulder were twitching. She was also limping, dragging her right front foot. This continued through the night. I stayed up with her.


By 2 am she cried when her right front right shoulder was touch and if I moved her collar. This was the first time she exhibited actual pain that made her cry. Friday I stayed home from work and took her back to Red Bank, where Dr. Hammond saw her in pain. He prescribed Tramadol. He Did an Xray, which showed nothing. (Was afraid of bone cancer). By Sunday I was able to stop the the Tramadol, and she acted like nothing ever happened.


She is acting fine now. When I adopted her she looked crossed eyed, But after a few weeks that cleared up. Sometimes she appears to have a slightly lazy eye. But it's almost un-noticable.


Ok, now we don't know what to do and are considering an MRI, have one Scheduled for 6/12.


If you, anyone you know, or any Dr. you are in communication with has ever seen any of this, please forward and reply.


Vestibular Ataxia usually exhibits darting eyes and vomiting, she does not do that. I check Wobbler's but that also seems different. Maybe a problem in the cervial part of her spine??


She also has Irritable Bowl Syndrome so she is on a very strict diet. No people food. We do not use chemicals on/in the yard. Sometimes when she is excited about or after food or cookies, she will clears her throat, like a snort but in her throat not nose. Since we got her, her front throat was sensitive. If you hug her too hard, or pull her collar she will cough. So of course we don't.


We are stumped. She is soooo sweet like all the other greys out there.


Sorry this post is so long. Thanks for your time, if you can pass this to any one with any ideas I grealty appreciated it.


Thanks Chris

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This link will take you to the thread about Oliver's first episode of Vestibular disorder and nystagmus. Scroll down to post #10 for more info:




While Oliver has not had any more episodes, typically the syndrome will occur more frequently and for longer amounts of time. With the exception of not having the rapidly shifting eyes, Polly's symptoms are much like Oliver's.


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