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Pet Weight -vs- Racing Weight

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The thread on the too skinny Greyhound made me wonder about what the difference should be between a hounds racing weight [when they were all buff and trim] --- and what their retirement weight should be.


Rainy just had her yearly vet checkup last week, and she's gained 2 pounds in the year we've had her --- no doubt from all those treats she now gets! :colgate She raced at 60#, and here, now two years retired, she's at 65 pounds. The vet said that she looks perfect at her current weight.


How many pounds over their racing weights are your hounds? My first Greyhound, PUP, also stayed at about 5# over his racing weight his whole life - he raced at 69#, and stayed at 74#.





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Keep in mind that a dog fresh off the track is going to be much more muscular then that same dog two years post racing. A pound of muscle and a pound of fat both weight the same - one pound - but that pound of muscle is much more dense, and takes up less room on the body. So you could have two dogs, both the same height and weight that look very different due to the amount of muscle mass they are carrying.


What I am trying to say is that we need to go by more then just the number on the scale! We need to look at how the dog appears, can we see ribs, how is their gait? What is their overall level of health?


Carol Ann


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Care of the Racing and Retired Greyhound says to keep 'em within 2 - 4 kg of race weight. Sounds like your pup is fine :)

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Guest mandm

In most cases, racing weight + a couple lbs is probably a good gauge. Especially if the greyhound had a long, successful career at a certain weight range. However, if the career was short and they were retired young due to poor performance, then perhaps the weight they raced at is not necessarily a good starting point. They could have had underlying health problems which made keeping weight on them difficult, in which case they may have raced at a lower than desirable weight.

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I go by the body condition, not by weight. Also a hound with any joint, etc. issues will need to be kept leaner to make it easy on those joints.

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