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Heat Reaction What To Do.

Guest Ctomt

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Guest Ctomt

It has just begun to heat up in New England, and as a fairly new Greyhound owner I am concerned. Rossi was resting comfortably on the couch yesterday, but it was very warm and sunny here. He had not been outdoors except for a turnout, and he seemed to be very uncomfortable in the evening. I think he was suffering in the heat.

He was panting, and restless. I walked him later in the evening when it got cooler, he seemed okay, but when we got home he laid down and did more of the same, panting, restless. It just looked like he was hot and tired.

I did notice, in the winter, that he is very sensitive to temperature, and was restless when it was cold in the house too. I covered him with a blanket on the coldest nights and he settled down fine.

How do I keep him cool enough to be comfortable, and how careful must we be when the temperature rises? I don't leave him outdoors for long periods of time, and it hasn't really heated up yet here, yesterday was the first really hot day.

The air conditioners will be installed later this week, but for now how do I keep him comfortable. He didn't seem to want to drink or eat much in the heat either, and he was limiting his activity on his own.

There is more summer coming, any precautions on my part to keep him safe?


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If you have a yard get him a wading pool. Some love it some don't. Buck practically lives in his when it is warm -- see below. :)


If you go for a walk you think he is panting you can always hose him down when you get back, directing the water mostly at his belly and feet.

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Guest RSD_Ranger

I know when my guy gets overheated he heads right toward the cool tile in the kitchen. He has even been known to lay on the garage floor to cool down. Until you get the A/C installed, you may want to show him any cool tile areas in your house.


You can also get one of those inexpensive plastic kiddie pools and fill that up for him. I found out the hard way that Ranger will cool himself off however he can (he laid down in a huge pile of mud at the dog park one day ... we had to walk around for another 30 minutes til he dried enough to get in the car!). You may also find that Rossi will like to play with water from the hose. Ranger isn't really interested, but my Kodi used to LOVE to chase the water as it came out of the sprinkler.


I also put some ice cubes in their water bowl on really hot days. Don't know if it really cools them down, but they seem to like it.


A fan at night might help to keep him cool so everyone can sleep ;)



Edit: haha, I guess I have to learn to type faster, everyone already replied while I was typing!!





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Guest SkinnyLegDogLover

My guys don't like the hose, but they like being spritzed with a spray bottle I keep in the fridge. That way they don't get soaked, but just cooled off. :)

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Guest sheila

I have used cold wet towels to lay over the dogs now and then. Fans work OK too. I have ceiling fans in every room of the house and they really help keep the rooms cooler when I'm not running the A/C. (I hate turning on the A/C when the nights are still cool)

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It also sounds like it might be related to afternoon/evening thunderstorms. In the summertime, our Booker, who is very upset by thunder, starts off by panting or whimpering when the atmosphere starts to feel as though thunder is possible.


Loving Kimba & Fred, missing Booker & Polly, first greyhounds, never forgotten.
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That is the way of a whole human being."
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Please read this.... http://www.gcnm.org/heatnews.html


You have brought up a very good question, one that all new greyhound adopters should be made aware of by their adoption group.

Greyhound angels at the bridge- Casey, Charlie, Maggie, Molly, Renie, Lucy & Teddy. Beagle angels Peanut and Charlie. And to all the 4 legged Bridge souls who have touched my heart, thank you. When a greyhound looks into you eyes it seems they touch your very soul.

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more then he loves himself". Josh Billings


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Guest minzenon

You also have to keep their insides cool plus control the dehydrating, as greyhounds have not much body fat they will dehydrate much faster than other dogs.

Recharge - like gatorade for dogs. This I mix into their food with water (i always wet their food down, they dont like it sloppy so its not soak but I add water just before they eat).

Beta-K tablets - helps slow down the loss of fluids

there are heaps of products you can get - this site has a section just for products to combat heat and dehydration


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Guest AmyB

Gretchen gets like this too, even when the night gets cooler and the window is open. I think the humidity affects them too. She'll lie down and keep popping her head up and panting. I don't have a yard, so I put cold wet washcloths on her paw pads, the insides of her ears, and her belly.

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