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Guest myjazzy

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Guest myjazzy

My name is Maria Colon and I adopted my first greyhound, Jazzy, on 6/7/97. I remember her gotcha day because it was her third birthday. Jazzy was a chocolate brindle, a very rare color, but I didn’t know that until I had found out a lot more about greyhounds. She graced my life for almost 9 years, when she lost her battle with bone cancer.


My second greyhound was Edgey. He was a white/red ticked small boy, around 65 lbs. He was a very sensitive boy and the kindest soul I’ve ever known. I guess it’s true what they say about only the good dying young, because I lost him to lymphoma last October and he was only 7 years old. He was my angel and I was lucky to have him for five years.


Since getting Jazzy proved to be very difficult, I had decided that I would buy a greyhound puppy and follow it from birth to retirement, and then bring it home. It was also my intention to find out the truth about greyhound racing while I was at it, just because of all the terrible things I heard about the racing industry. Well, one puppy led to another and now I have several racing greyhounds. The chipping thing also works with racers.


My first racing puppy was Ugo Rita Lynn. She was not very good at the track and has since retired (she was placed by GPA/Tallahassee, since she ended up at Monticello). I’ve had another retire so far, Ugo Spiral Fire, and he was adopted by a friend of mine. When I started naming my greys I decided that I would use a prefix, and came up with UGO, and it wasn’t being used, so the dogs I’ve owned since puppies have all been named with the UGO prefix.


I have been blessed with a puppy that grew up to be a stakes dog. His name is Ugo Lonesome Boy. He won the Consolation of the 2006 Woodlands Fall Futurity in Kansas City and participated in the 2007 Derby Lane Million, but got eliminated when they cut down from 32 to 24 dogs. His sister, Makin Bakin, made it to the Consolation. Boy and Bakin are now at Wheeling with their brother Foyil winning their share of races. Boy is such a sweet and happy boy.


I currently have dogs at Wheeling, Derby Lane, Victoryland, Mobile, Gulf and Corpus Christi. (The Texas dogs are KB’s dogs.) I try to visit the tracks whenever I can, to visit with my babies and the only ones I haven’t been to are Wheeling and Corpus Christi. I also go to the farms to see the puppies and watch some of their training.


I’ve glanced at this site before and got some help through the Amber Alert forum when a dog I had brought back from the track bolted the day after he came home. He was gone for 11 days, but I never gave up and found him, with the help of a lot of great people. He was a sack of bones and his liver enzymes were elevated, plus his broken leg now had some soft tissue damage, but he got well and now has the most wonderful home a greyhound could ever want. He’s a beautiful large black boy. His racing name was D’s Tnt, call name Mr. T, but his new momma didn’t lie either name and changed it to T Boy.


The reason for me searching out this forum now is because my boy Jetstar has corns, and I need help with that. This place is a wealth of information and support. I may come and go, because I find it very hard to read about all the greys who are sick, but I will be around. I also want to offer my help with anything I can on the racing side of things.


Right now my pack consists of :


Jetstar – Flying Jetstar – Flying Penske x BI’s Citation – 07/01/99

Darla – Darla – Oswald Cobblepot x Moccasin – 09/16/01

Moses – Holy Smoke Lee – SC’s Mask Rider x Princess Rain – 01/03/02

Lila – non-grey – I think Min-Pin mix unknown age

Nina – non-grey – Chi mix unknown age

and cats Sabrina and Eboli both eleven years old.


I got my greys straight from the track. I have yet to bring home one of my racing puppies, since I manged to chip a lot before any of them were ready to retire, but I will eventually bring a UGO (or 2, or 3...) dog home.






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Guest greytful4
:welcome From Northern Virginia here! PS. I almost adopted Ugo Jo Speck from the Orlando track...but somebody beat me to him! I ended up with my beautiful girl instead!
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Welcome to GT!

Missing my sweet girl Scout. My snuggler, my chow-hound, my kissy girl.
It never thunders at the Bridge, and your food bowl is ALWAYS filled.

So strange not living in Atty World. I was a love struck handmaiden to your every whim.

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Guest PhillyPups

:wave welcome from Philly. :D



One of my brood, BarbieJade's pups won the consolation at Woodlands in 2005. :yay


Corns are nasty, have you tried duct tape?

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Guest trevdog

Hi and Welcome! Both of mine are Oswald Cobblepot descendants. It's good to know you have some pups at Derby Lane, we have a good adoption kennel there too.

I've found Bag Balm is useful with corns, as is the duct tape method.

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Guest myjazzy

Thanks for the words of welcome. I'm going to work on the pictures this weekend.


Greytful4, Ugo Jo Speck isn't one of mine :dunno I couldn't even find him in GD. All my pups have been born on 2003 or later.


Trevdog, Question about your Cobblepots, are they goofy? Darla is, and she is also a major licker. I was at Gulf GP and saw a boy up for adoption who looked a lot like Darla and was a licker. When I asked who his sire was, it was Cobblepot. I was just wondering if it was coincidence or a trait that he passes on. Oshkosh Slammer was a smiler, I got to see meet him and get some of those toothy smiles from him, and a lot of his offspring are also smilers. And I really like Derby Lane, of all the tracks I have been to, it's the one I like the best

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