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Snickers Had Her First Chemo Today

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Snickers is back from her first chemo appt. They gave her carboplatin and also took out her stitches. She's been randomly yelping and I hope it's because the stitches were pulling. They couldn't find any other area where she had an obvious painful area.


She's been a bit withdrawn and not very interactive since the surgery. I hope it's just the recovery period and she eventually perks up. It makes me feel guilty for putting her through all this, but it's the best chance for her long-term health and quality of life...


We took the compression bandage off yesterday because it seemed like all the edema in her remaining front leg was gone and the bandage was just getting in the way of her walking.


I hope the carboplatin is killing those cancerous cells. It feels better to be doing something to battle it instead of just waiting when you know it's probably growing inside.

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Guest IrskasMom




I am typing this through Tears . This is some horrible Ordeal Snickers went through . Please give her

some scriches and lots of gentle Hugs . Hugs to you too.



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Here's hoping for lots of healthy years for you to enjoy with Snickers. :heart


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Sending many prayers and gentle hugs. :grouphug


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Guest gottaluvgreysindy

Sending prayers for you and Snickers. This short period of healing does stink. I know I wanted to keep my boy out of pain as he healed and overdid the pain meds a little and it caused him to have more phantom pain than normal. It was awful, so be aware of that. PM me if you want to chat or have specific questions. My boy is 9 months post amp and cancer free!!!!!!!

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