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A true hero, never to be forgotten.



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I just started getting up and moving and got Glynis' email. I can't stop crying. For those of you who never had the privilege of meeting him in person, Winslow was every bit the character in real life. Definitely a one in a million dog with one in a million adopters. Thank you, Glynis and Craig, for adopting our boy and for taking such wonderful care of him. Gah, can't see the screen on the iPhone for tears...

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Oh No! I thought Winslow would live forever cry1.gif

That's exactly what I said as soon as I found out. :weep


In my mind, Winslow will always be THE cancer hero. He kicked that cancer's ass and never looked back! Even in the end, it wasn't cancer that took him away.


And Glynis and Craig, you are my heroes period. Never have I met 2 more devoted, caring, dedicated parents and I KNOW - I don't think, I KNOW - that Winslow was able to beat cancer like he did because of your pure love and dedication to him. Every dog should be so lucky to have owners like you. My heart is breaking for you. Although our grief can't compare to yours I know so many of us are grieving with you. Winslow will live on in the hearts of SO MANY. :grouphug


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Meredith and Jen, what you said is exactly right. So many tears here all morning, but gradually there were smiles through those tears. Winslow was (still is) truly one in a million, and a perfect example of a dog who reached (and surpassed) his true potential because he was precisely where he was meant to be, with the family who understood him, encouraged him, indulged him, and loved him unconditionally. He was a hero to so many not only because he kicked the monster's butt as only he could do, but because Glynis shared her hero with all of us. I think EVERYONE knew Winslow, not only here on Greytalk, but anywhere people knew about Greyhounds, knew about osteo, knew about taking the saddest diagnosis and turning it into an inspiration.


How could you think of Winslow without smiling? I've often talked about Greyhound's (and Winnie's in particular) quiet determination, but Winslow's determination was anything but quiet. It was LARGE, just like the guy himself. You can see how impressive he is in pictures, but anyone who had the pleasure of meeting him in canine, will tell you that he was much LARGER when he was right there, filling a room with his presence. I'm so glad, so honored that I had the chance to meet him several times, to pay my respects. His celebration of his birthday and the years beating the monster (10 plus 3) was cut back by the horrendous snow in DC in Feb. The last time we visited was in May, right before they moved out of their house in preparation for the sale, and the long adventure out west. He was well. He was Winslow. He and Glynis and Craig were dealing with the other health issues that were always on their minds, but Winslow was okay. I'm sure he knew that something big was afoot, and he was ready. I'm so glad he made that trip. It wouldn't have been the same if he hadn't been there as his family started their new life. It's so right, and so fitting that he will be there with them always.


I feel especially honored to call Winslow and Glynis my friends, and it started with a chance meeting in Dewey, right after Winnie's amputation, when she was pulling me down a street, eager to be moving forward. Glynis stopped us, fascinated by this tripod who didn't seem to know she was handicapped. She told me she didn't know if she'd ever be able to do that, and admired my beautiful Queen. She told me later that Winnie was HER inspiration, and thinking of Winnie's courage gave her courage of her own. Who would have guessed that Winslow was to become such a bright star in the Greyhound community. Who would have known that Glynis had a stubborn streak to match her boy's, that she would increase awareness, be responsible for raising a huge amount of money, would make sure that Winslow inspired and influenced as many as possible. Her kindness, generosity, talent and tenacity are one in a million as well.


Glynis and Craig, we are all so sorry you lost your precious boy. Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing him with us. We share your sadness now.


Hey, big guy, please go find Winnie. She'd be proud to show you around. There's gonna be a celebration like you wouldn't believe.

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Winslow was a true hero...definitely one for the books! He gave hope to so many who felt hopeless - a true inspiration. He will never be forgotten.


Glynis and Craig, you had a very special boy there. I hope, in time, your pain will diminish and you will have your millions of fond memories that will heal your broken hearts :grouphug

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Guest Mom2Shiloh

I started my day by breaking down in tears at the news, and I remain so terribly sorry that Winslow's earthly journey had to end --- My empathy with Glynis' saying she was waiting to wake up from a bad dream is huge; I feel I've walked there and had just that reaction the day after Harley died. But knowing that he at least passed with peace and love and that he's left a legacy that is Far beyond what many of us, greyhound or greyhound parent, will ever manage --- I'm going to just keep this short. It's all been said.... deep sympathy and prayers for healing hearts. Thank you SO very much for sharing your precious boy and his magnificent journey with so many of us.

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Guest eaglflyt

Oh NO!!!! I'm am so terribly sorry. We are so glad to have one of Winslow's paintings and we will forever regret not getting to meet up with him when he traveled through OKC on his way to AZ. Hugs and kisses to all of you and for precious Winslow. :grouphugf_yellow


Run free precious Winslow. :brokenheart

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Oh, Winslow. I am so sorry that he had to leave, :cry1 but what an amazing boy, who served as an inspiration to all greys and their people, and traveled peacefully to the Bridge on his own terms (not on cancer's!). He will never be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to his wonderful family. :grouphug


:kiss2 :kiss2 Winslow :kiss2 :kiss2

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Guest ScottH

I'm looking at the painting i have by Winslow and the pictures Glynis sent with him doing the actual painting and I have tears in my eyes. This is not news I expected. I think the others were right, we just expected him to always be there.

God Speed Winslow! You inspired so many!

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