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Dental Vaccine

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Silver had his dental yesterday (everything went well :colgate ) and they recommended the Porphyromonas vaccine. I don't know anything about it. What do you all know about it? They also put a sealant on his teeth which I will need to reapply avery few weeks. Has anyone ever done this? Our old vet didn't do/recommend all of this.




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The sealant should be ok. The vaccine: in a word, no. :)






From Dr. Feeman:



The problem I have with it right now is that there are NO published efficacy studies! The data is "pending". How Pfizer managed to get a product approved w/o being able to show it did anything is beyond me... but they did manage it.


Until they can show us that it actually does do something, I personally wouldn't recommend it for any animal yet.


Just my $0.02





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Guest Cris_M


I certainly understand the concerns about the vaccine. However, I think there are times when it is worthwhile. If Silver has a chronic problem with his teeth, if you are less than OCD about brushing his teeth, or if his general health is less than stable, the vaccine might be an idea worth considering.


Dental health is incredibly impotant in both general health and lifespan. In humans, good dental health increases life span 5 years. No other health issue, including smoking, has that kind of effect on life span.


One problem with the porphyromonas bacteria is that it enters at the gum line, but it is systemic. That means that your dog has an ongoing infection that puts a constant drain on his immune system. For a healthy dog, that isn't a problem, but it can be for a sick dog.


OTOH, you could always more to a raw prey model diet and not worry! (Now, I am sheepishly getting off my raw soap box.....)


Hopefully, you and Silver will come up with a solution that works for both of you.

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I also wouldn't be trying the vaccine yet, since it's such a new product. There are many things that are approved and then recalled because of the terrible reactions (thinking of the ProHeart injection for example). I would let other people be the guinea pigs on this.


I'm also a big fan of the raw diet, but if you can get even some RMBs for them regularly it will prevent all the buildup from happening.

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