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Miss Nellie Sent Us A Sign Yesterday!


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So, yesterday my little Katie-Bug had 3 seizures within a couple of hours and that usually doesn't happen :( It is usually 3-4 spread out over a period of 3-5 days. Well, she looked bad and so I sat with her and had a talk with her...I told her that if she was ready to join her sister, Miss Nellie, that it would be ok and that we would miss her so much but would know that she would be in good hands. I asked her to not make us make the decision, that she make the decision for us. I told her that she has had a wonderful life and that I didn't want her to suffer and that she would have a grand ole time playing with all of her greyhound friends at the bridge and that she wouldn't have those nasty seizures anymore.

Well...later in the day Brian came home from work and it was hound walky time and we decided to not take Katie-bug as she was worn out and sound asleep in her crate. So, off we went with Alan and Miss Maggie. Whenever we walk down the driveway we let the hounds choose which way they want to go, so ironically they both pulled strongly to the right (they always want to go left because the neighbors have cats 2 doors down from us) :lol so we went right and then they started to pull to go across the street over to the path next to the creek that Miss Nellie LOVED to walk down! Brian and I looked at each other like wow...it's like Miss Nellie is walking with us! :wub: then as we start walking down the path I just so happen to look down on the ground and see this tiny little ripped piece of paper and on that piece of paper is, well, you just gotta see this because I got really freaked out about it:


Is that not amazing or what! How incredible...I told Brian how I had a conversation with Katie-bug about going to see Miss Nellie earlier in the day! What are the chances that there be a ripped piece of paper laying on the exact path that Miss Nellie LOVED to walk down and the name was perfectly legible and spelled exactly how we spelled her name!

Thanks for sending us a sign Miss Nellie! We love and miss you! Till we meet again....



If you've gotten thru this story, then thanks for reading! I normally don't write so much, because I am not much for writing but I just had to share this amazing story (well, at least amazing to us :blush )


:wub: :wub: :wub:

Suzie Collins

Owner/Artist Skinny Hound Designs

Greyhound decals, magnets and signs.

Fur kids: Isabelle and Petey

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Guest SquanHound
:cry1 I had goosebumps thinking about this... I hope Katie-bug is ok, but it is comforting to know that Miss Nellie is looking out for her and all of you.
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Wow! Miss Nellie is looking out for all of you!


Someone's cutting onions again...

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Guest greyaspet

My baby girl left us on April 17th. I still cry every day and am still waiting for some sign that is arrived at the bridge and is OK.

This brought tears to my eyes once again but gave me hope I will get a sign from my girl.


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Guest bowiebears

An amazing 'coincidence' indeed.


I hope Katie-bug will be fine...


Onion-cutting indeed!


Prayers, good thoughts and blessings to you all!



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Guest Tenderhearts

Oh my, I am so glad I keep tissues by the computer! :cry1 That was so touching. Thank you for sharing, and gentlest of hugs to Miss Katy-Bug :grouphug

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Wow. Nellie's still watching over you. :wub:


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Guest Sniffy

That's great! And it's not 'just' a ripped piece of paper, it looks a LOT like an excused-from-class form similar to the ones from my old highschool. She got a "hall pass" from heaven to send you the sign!



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Guest tobinhr

What a sweet, sweet story!!


I would have that scrap of paper laminated and put it on my fridge! Nellie is such an uncommon name...




Hugs and lots'o'love to Katie




Mac, who wonders what all the fuss is about

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Guest jettcricket

Wow....that's amazing. No doubt that Ms. Nellie was telling you that she's ok and watching over you and your family. :beatheart

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Wow -- you couldn't have asked for a clearer sign!

OMG....I agree. :grouphug


Patti-Mommy of Lady Sophia 7-28-92 - 8-3-04... LaceyLaine 8-2-94-12-5-07...

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