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Interesting, I had no idea.




Garlic in all forms are today used my many dog owners. It is used for “health reasons”, as taste enhancer but most off all in the spring/summer period as a tick repellent. Besides fresh garlic, powder and capsules that you buy in ordinary shops, it is also added to some dog foods. On top of this special feed additives in powder and tablets are made for dogs. The interesting in this is that there is no research supporting that Garlic should have any positive effects for dogs. There is for humans and horses but not for dogs.


On the other hand research results has shown the effects in dogs after consuming garlic. Both spontaneous and permanent damages has been found and proven. Regardless of the quantity of Garlic the dogs has been given and regardless of the time span. Results show the same, Garlic do damage to a dogs health.




This relates to that all onion sorts, eating onions, flower onions, - raw, cooked or dried – contains something called thiosulfat. Thiosulfate is a nutrition salt, which helps amongst other humans and horses take up B-vitamins. Dogs though, miss the necessary enzyme, which horses and humans have, to break down this substance and it turns toxic. Thiosulfate breaks down the red blood cells cell wall (haemoglobin), which results in anima in large doses of Garlic.

If you give a 20,0kg dog about 300g of raw dried onion, it will cause a toxicfication. Even one clove of raw Garlic or a teaspoon of dried garlic powder has the same effect. Even small regular consummation of Garlic is damaging (=1 teaspoon, 1 clove pr day is damaging) The blood is cleaned in the liver which then are permanently damaged by the Thiosulfate as it can not be broken down by the dogs inner organs.




At acute toxification go to the Vet.

Symptoms at large consummations

· Vomiting

· Weakness/not wanting to move

· Loose stoles / scours

· High heartbeat

· Blood coloured urine

· Hyper ventilation

· Pale gums / membranes


These symptoms do not necessary accrue directly after consummation, not even the same day. They normally show a couple of days after consummation.




At regular intake of small doses the symptoms are difficult to detect and the permanent liver damage will come creeping. The symptoms can differ from animal to animal.


· Vomiting now and again over longer periods

· Slow developing fatigue

· Slow weight lost

· Pale gums / membranes

· Poor coat


If the toxification is not detected on time, it can be fatal. Most of all it is always damaging to the dog and can give permanent damage.




Regarding use of Garlic against ticks!

It has been shown that Garlic do nothing when it comes to Ticks. Smell, taste or anything from the onion has shown to be an effective repellent of Ticks.

On the other hand has research shown that B-Vitamins has that effect.

Instead of that spoon full of garlic powder or that clove of garlic, I can recommend that you give a supplement of B-vitamins to protect your dog. Today there are not 100% effective products that can protect against ticks, but there are alternative products on the marked for your dog than the DAMAGING GARLIC.


//Lena Mattsson Animal Biopat/Homeopat and nutrition physiologist.










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Guest shortcat

I was glad to see this today. I had always heard that garlic was GOOD. But recently saw a Vet on TV that said that NO is was not. I am glad to see the confirmation. Thank you :colgate

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