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How Can I Tell If My Grey Has Fleas?

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Doubt it'd be fleas this early in the year. It is more likely either mosquito or spider bite.

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if you don't see the fleas themselves, you can look for what appear to be very tiny black specks (like black dirt or pepper) on the skin where your grey scratches or bites. the specks are flea poop. a good place to look for it is on the back of the dog just forward of where the tail joins the body.

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Check the belly, crotch, tail area, and armpits. You'll see them if they're there. Either little black jumping fleas or "flea dirt" little black specks.


Bites on the forehead are probably NOT flea bites. Your dog would be itching like a maniac before you saw bumps on the head. And, I've never actually seen a "bite mark" from a flea. You always see the fleas, but very seldom their bite marks.


She probably stuck her head into a bush or something. Or got bit by a spider, or stung by a bee.


But- this is the time of year to start using Frontline Plus, or Advantage, or some other flea-repellant. A flea infestation is NOT a fun thing to deal with. They can get into your carpets, and it's a bear to get rid of them.


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Guest MaxAndMazy

My guess is mosquitos! Tis the season! I find the skitters love to try to get their heads. They probably love him because his blood has to be sweet to be such a sweet doggie! :) Give him some lovin for me!!!

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