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Megan 9/29/1992 -- 4/17/2007

Guest snsnpups

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Guest snsnpups

With great sadness we helped Megan cross the Bridge on Monday. She got to go to Spring Dewey and walk on the beach, meet new friends and enjoy herself. We have 16 months of greyt memories to keep close to our hearts.

Run free sweet girl. Run free :brokenheart


Sue & Skip


Ernie, Patch, Vixen, Gidget, Olivia, Spyro with heads bowed and paws crossed in sorrow

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Run free sweet Meagn

I am so sorry for your loss and I know how you feel as I just lost my boy on 4/4/2007.

Shelby - Hyuall 8 yrs old (Coldwater Guv x Coldwater Mesa) Litter #97183

Major - Rapido Ramrod 7 yrs old (Iruska Excalibur x Kacy Marque) Litter #18841

Sadie - Hank's Erin 3 years old (Hallo West Acre x Noble Storm) Litter# 40759

Sgt Bilko - Our 13 yr old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix - Running at the bridge Kurri, Kassidy and Dove


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Guest jeannejj

I am very sorry for your loss of Megan. It's always hard to say goodbye to a cherished friend. I know how hard that final act of love is. May your memories bring peace to your aching heart.



Run free, sweet Megan.





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