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New Member ... Ranger Is Here!

Guest RSD_Ranger

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Guest RSD_Ranger

Hi everyone!


I am the proud momma of Ranger. He is a 4 1/2 yr old bundle of happy energy! He came to my home 1 1/2 yrs ago from the Dairyland Race Track. Thank God he was a slow boy, because I got lucky by having him come live with us.


He joins his older sister (a non-grey) who is almost 15 years old. She is a beagle/retriever mix and has come alive since his arrival!


Ranger is a proud celebrity as he made the front/back cover of USA Dog's 2007 calendar! He's got a table-clearing wag, bald butt, miscellaneous scars, and a HUGE heart of gold.


Glad to be a member here and hope to learn a lot!


pics are always fun, so here is the range-man:










and his sister:





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Guest RSD_Ranger

oh he's often into "stuff" so i will post more pics as i get them. my favorite is the one of the book "marley & me." ranger decided to chew the book -- of course it was my mom's book club book.


it was just so fitting a book for him to chew up!


i often come home to find things have been "collected" to his bed area. the remote, cell phone, anything made of cardboard, the side of the wood stools ... he's definitely a funny boy! i was just looking at the thread about the dog bed being destroyed ... it brought back memories!

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Guest bowiebears


Ranger is a major looker! No wonder he was a cover-dog!


Re book-eating:

Our Arlo (who went to the bridge in Feb) was into books in a big way. He particularly liked hardbacks with leather bindings! Once, he ate a whole volume of Bach Organ Preludes & Fugues (I'm a church musician/organist).


He never really got over his liking for books, but he did learn not to 'harvest the library'!


In his defense, I should say that he never started a new book without completely finishing the first one! Even if that meant getting it out of the trash! He managed once to open the step-on trash can to retrieve the novel he'd not quite finished.


Congrats! You have beautiful kids!



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