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Occured To Me I Should Introduce Rusty Lol

Guest bc_girl

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Guest bc_girl

lol dont know why it never occured to me to intro Rusty, anyone who is not on other boards with me wont have a clue :P


Rusty has a long story of how he wound up with us, we call it fate.


we were not looking for a dog, we did not need another dog, heck we already had 6 lol. well a while back we happend to let our dogs out to potty around midnight, normally we never let our dogs out that late as not to wake anyone, but for whatever reason they were all out that night..and they started barking and barking and barking so we go to get them in the house and notice and flash of orange outside the gate, we only had one orange dog and she was INSIDE the yard. so my mom went out to try to get this dog while I got our dogs under control and in the house, this dog just let my mom pick him right up, never tried to run. my mom carried him around to see if someone was maybe looking, no luck. o she briught him in the house, fitted him with a collar and leash and walked hom out several block them let him lead the way, she did this 3 times, and all 3 times he led the way directly back to my house.

trying to find his owners, we took pictures, made psoters, had him scanned for a chip, filed a report with the HS etc.. 3 days later we finally located the owners, a lady and her ADHD son who were VERY happy to see their dog again. so we thought the story was over, we were wrong.


a week later we recieved a phone call from his "mom" her husband basicly said the dog had to go, I am not sure the whole story, but it had something to do with the new house they had just moved to, and something her husband knew about and chose not to tell her until they were moved in. regaurdless Rusty needed a home so we were the first ones she called, she remeber how much Rusty loved it here. well with 6 dogs already we said we would foster him, but definatly could not keep him, we spread the word everywhere, I know loads of people with heavy connections so I spread the word about this small non shedding, dog/kid/cat/critter/ and bird friendly dog that needed almost no grooming and loved bathes. we did not get one single bite, not even an inkling of interest from anyone. he was a "foster" for a mere week before my mom decided she loved him to much and he was staying lol. when we told his old mom that we were keeping Rusty she and her son nearly jumped up and down in glee(well actually her son DID jump up and down in glee lol) we told them they were welcome to visit anytime, plus her son LOVES dogs, and is just in heaven playing with all my dogs lol


so without further ado, this is Rusty, a 4 year old male JRT X Pom.



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Isn't it wonderful how fate steps in and lands a dog in the right place at the right time. Bless you for taking this little guy in for keeps. He looks just adorable!




PS That's how we've wound up with 6 cats. The first 3 were 'planned'...the last 3 just sort of arrived out of nowhere as kittens in the yard....and here we are with 6 of 'em and 4 greys.

Mom to BridgeGreys~~STORM 07/99-02/08/11, VICKI 12/15/00-01/12/11, BAY 02/00-10/25/10 and CASHEW 10/99-2/23/10

and cats ~~ IRISH, MUMBLES, MUFFIN, TJ, PUNKIN and Bridge cats SARAH (07/29/97-07/07/06) and BRIE (04/11/96-01/22/12)

a very lively Whippet, OLIVIA and JAKE, the Iggy

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