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Guest wolfieskitten

Hi everyone! My name is Kimmie and I'm new here (obviously lol). Hubby (Colin) and I are the new, proud owners of Tiger (Dr. McPharlin - race name) who we adopted through GAP Queensland a month ago.


A little about meself: I am originally from South Carolina but now live in Brisbane, Australia. Colin & I met in '04 on the net, in person in '05, got engaged and I moved here during Thanksgiving '05, we married December 10, 2005.


I own(ed) 2 elderly german shepherds : Baron & Tasha, whom I opted to leave with my friend Nicole (Baron), and my parent's (Tasha) because of quarantine issues - they are both extremely sensitive to all vaccines, therefore were vaccinated as little as possible, so quarantine here wanted to keep them for nearly a year. At their ages and given that they were "country dogs" used to wild streams, ponds, and woods, I opted to leave them behind for their own happiness. But it was a heart wrenching decision for me. I know they are so much happier there than they would be here in the city, not to mention they are used to air conditioning 24/7 and most houses in our area are not air conditioned (we have a window unit only in our bedroom and it costs about $5 per day to run just that). SO I felt it was the only fair thing to do.


Baron is living out his retirement as a "demo dog" for Nicole who is a police officer and dog training instructor. So he is extremely happy as he luuurves obedience work. Tasha is playing house mother to my sisters dog (who also stayed with mom & dad when Jenny got married), cuz he kept escaping from her house (fence) in the city, and my dad's lab puppy. SHe makes a good surrogate mom since she never had any pups and her daily routine is to get my dad to do eveything for her lol. She's got my parent's well trained!


Colin grew up with miniature poodles (don't even ask my opinion hehe) in the city and I grew up with working dogs on a farm. So we searched for a long time for a breed that would suit us both. Greyhounds it was as soon as he saw the GAP dogs at a local fair. Then we just had to find the dog for us. Tiger came along as a 2 time adoption failure.... he loves kids, but he's really dominant and isn't cat safe. He's a great big beautiful blue brindle boy ( 33 kg ) which isn't huge, but he's really long and when he roaches, stretches out his full length which takes up our entire 3 person sofa.....make that one dog sofa lol. He's just a big "sook", hrmmmmm lemme see what that translates to....Baby, that's it. He's a big baby who doesn't like kisses but tolerates them from me. He is extremely dignified unless he's playing with his favorite squeaky plush toys, then he's a big goof. He's just the right kind of boy for us, he'll walk with me in the mornings and roach out on the sofa at night after dinner while we read or watch tv.


We are waiting a little while for us all to settle in since he's new to us, and we just moved into our house 2 months ago then we will be fostering some dogs for GAP and I can't wait. The foster carers here seem to have all the fun :yay


Oh yeah, and I ramble, lots lol.

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Guest wolfieskitten

I haven't figured out how to post photos. I stuck a query in the OT forum, but in the short term here's a linkee to my blog which has a few photos http://kittendownunder.blogspot.com/2007/0...rever-home.html.


Um, one may read through my blog no problem, but there ARE some adult type topics if you have kids around. Just wanted to let you know. Mostly it's just my hum drum day to day boring life kinda stuff. So anywho, feel free to look around, but there are some other pics of me, my family, and all my furkids lurking somewhere in the blog archives.


I'll try to sort out the photos on here asap....I'm not the greatest when it comes to navigating this type of forum.

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Guest bowiebears

Congrats on your new family member! Greys are the greatest...I'm sure you both will have a great time with your new furkid!


Welcome from the Washington DC 'burbs!





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