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The Wait Is Over!

Guest Christina

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He is just beautiful, love his smile :)



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Guest Christina

Dog-gonit, its hard to teach ourselves his new name Ferris, let alone him! We may just stick to Spike and all the variations thereof, since we keep slipping and calling him, "Spike! Hey Spike, here Spike! Come 'ere Spikeroo, Spikester, Spikey-Spike, Mr. Spike-Speck-Spock!" Poor Guy! To avoid any further confusion, we NEED to stop the silliness and call him by whatever name... Spike, Ferris, McFly, whatever, pick one, for crying in a bucket. Looking at his picture, what do you guys think? Can I have a GT opinion? Spike or Ferris? Poor confused, lovable pup!

I just love this guy and his silly, floppy, kerwhackity ears. He is so personable and sweet. He learned stairs quickly, like, in a DAY. He follows us everywhere now! Up, down, no problem, except for the back steps, which I won't even attempt, too icy and treacherous for people, let alone a spindly-legged greyhound! :)

And as cold as it is, he is doing remarkably well, although I gotta watch where he's walking, because when one's foot collapses through 2 inches of ice coating 4 inches of snow, it may very well cut an ankle or suck the very shoe off one's foot (ask me how I know), or rip a dewclaw! Yowza! Thank God that hasn't happened...


KUDOS to COGR for matching us with the perfect Grey! You guys really know your stuff!

Mr. Spike-Speck-Spock-Ferris is currently dreaming right now, growling and making funny little noises and 'running' in his sleep, big ol' sweet thang! :wub:


Oh, and this may help the naming thing... Look at this picture:



Does anyone else see the little grumpy eyebrow markings? :lol

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He is stunning. I think any of the names, Spike, spock, speck, Ferris any will be greyt. I did love Ferris Buellers Day off. :lol



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Great googly-moogly!!! He is stunningly gorgeous! And, I'm tellin' ya again...


He's a "Wonderboy" if ever there was one! There's a underlying heroic quality about him that just pours out of his eyes and I think the people who gave him his first name saw it in him, too.


I think "Wonderboy" suits him not only because it says it all, but because it's unique. Spikes are a dime-a-dozen, and there's even another Ferris mentioned in this thread!


In any case, congrats!!!!

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Congratulations!!! I can't wait to meet him sometime. He's just beautiful.

And you shall!


My boys and I decided... His name is Ferris (because everyday is a day off!!) :rofl:


Ferris is a GREYT name, clever boys! He is a gorgeous hound! Start by calling him SpikeFerris while giving lots of treats, then sometimes just Ferris while giving treats, he should learn his name quickly if he learned stairs in a day. CONGRATS!

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