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Tiffany Express


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I let my beautiful Tiffany go last night after a year long battle with cancer. I had her for eight years and she was a month shy of her 13th birthday.



I adopted Tiffany from Operation Greyhound while I was living in San Diego eight years ago. After researching dog breeds and watching Animal Planet pet behavior shows for a year, I was read to take the plunge.


I went to Operation Greyhound's adoption kennels. As I was walking by, a little fawn girl with eyeliner started to whine. I stopped in front of her crate and pet her through the bars. She stopped whining. I walked away, the whining started again. I went back to the crate and pet her, the whining start. When the little red fawn was let out of the crate, she trotted up to me and started leaning. The next day I called Operation Greyhound and said that I would take her. Little did I know that Tiffany (her racing name was Tiffany Express) would have put that same performance on for just about any human being!


I still have never met a more outgoing and flirtatoues greyhound. Tiff was an M&G star. She would give everybody the Look that said "Aren't I beautiful? Don't you want to pet me?" She really liked kids from about 7 to 12 years old. They thought she was just the best and would fuss over her. Of course, that was just what Tiff wanted.


After I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, I had Tiffany certified as a therapy dog. She went to visit very disturbed patients at a psychiatric hospital. Their mental state did not deter her from leaning on and snuggling with the patients


Tiffany even became a bit of a celebrity in Oakland Berkeley. One time when we had to take Tiff to a Berkeely E-vet to get a few stitches for a skin tear. A vet tech, who we had never seen before looked at us and said "Is Tiffany the Greyhound? Of Tiffany and Bacci (her grey brother that we adopted)? I've heard so much about her!" I don't know how, but Tiffany was famous.


And I can't tell you how many people, after meeting Tiffany at M&Gs, on the street, at outdoor cafes, or in vet wating rooms, said that they wanted to adopt a greyhound. Even my vet in San Diego told me that after working with Tiffany, she was thinking of adding a grey to her home.



I want to thank everyonone on GT who has given us so many kind words and support since Tiffany was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer last year. You made such a big difference to us.


Tiffany, you helped both people and greys. You will be missed by many.

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My heart is breaking with yours. Sweet Tiffany is an angel now. I am so sorry for your loss.

Irene Ullmann w/Flying Odin in Lower Delaware
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I am so very sorry for your loss...it sounds like you were both very lucky to have each other....what a tribute to a special special girl....

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Sounds like Tiffany was a very special girlie that brought much joy to your life. May God bless her and keep her close until you meet her again.

Carol Ann :f_pink


Molly Weasley Carpenter-Caro - 5 Year Old Standard Poodle.

Gizzy, Specky, Riley Roo & Lady - Our beloved Greyhounds waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.

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I'm so sorry :sad1




Major & Black Jack are the BEST Doggies in the WORLD

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"If you lead your life the right way, the karma will take care of itself. " - Randy Pausch

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