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Just Wanted To Say "hi!"

Guest Chels

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I have posted off and on since we got our first grey almost 3 years ago, but since I posted so infrequently, I always forget my username and password. I actually wrote it down this time!


My husband and I have two adorable greys: Meadow- a 6 year old fawn female that we got when she was 3 1/2 from the Greyhound Connection in San Diego (love them!) and Franklin- a 5 year old brindle male we got a little over a year ago from the Northern California group. They are our babies, and we spoil them to death! Meadow has had some struggles- she has valley fever (which this board helped me with tremendously a year or so back). She had a large tumor-like thing growing on her leg and she was limping and in so much pain. Many x-rays were done and finally they wanted to do a biopsy for bone cancer. Just at that time someone from this chatboard (I don't remember- but I am so indebted to them) mentioned valley fever and how the symptoms can mimic bone cancer. I brought it up to my vet, she was tested and found to have it. She's been on fluconazole now for quite some time, and it helps, although she can't seem to get rid of it. She is a very curious dog and hyper (well, as hyper as greyhounds can be) and full of life. She loves her soft, squeaky toys and always tries to get Franklin to play with her. Franklin, on the other hand, has been so laid back ever since we got him. He's very calm and affectionate- not really into toys. I'm not sure if he quite knows what to do with them. They both get along so well and give each othe morning neck rubs and kisses!


We are both teachers, so we love being able to spend the vacation time with them. And since we have no children of our own right now, they really ARE our children!


I am so grateful to all of you who've helped with so many things (albeit under different usernames in the past!). Thank you all so much!

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I'll see if I can figure it out...

We're off to San Diego for New Year's in 15 minutes and it's 4:30am so my brain can only function on the thought of drinking coffee. :lol When I get back!!

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I think I figured out posting pictures. Now if I could learn to shrink them a bit...



Meadow in her new bed I made her.



Meadow and Franklin relaxing!

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