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Just Wanted To Say"hello"

Guest Hemihound

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Guest Hemihound

Hi everyone,

Thought I'd introduce myself, and my dogs to you. I'm new to GT. Just found it a little while ago.

We have adopted 3 Greyhounds since the Spring of 93.

Hot Rod a beautiful little Irish lass who came to live with us in May 93 and was the sweetest, most perfect first dog anyone could hope to have!. (Nov 1983-Jan 1999)

Bodie a gorgeous blond brindle girl who came to live with us in May 94, and only stayed for one short year. (1987- May 1995)

Miller a goofy, but most handsome Irish lad who came to live with us in May 95 as a silly little 2 yr old and grew into a silly old man!. (April 1993- Nov 2004)

I can't tell you how much I miss them....But I'm sure you know.


Currently my OH and I have two dogs. Grele is a Lurcher, or more specifically a Longdog (Greyhound / Deerhound),

and Lady is a GSDX.


Grele is 12 1/2 yrs old, and has been living with us for nearly 8 years! She came to us just as we lost Hot Rod, and Miller was having bouts of SA.

She is rather timid of strangers, but is full of spunk and personality! She is my little love, and always at my side.


Lady is 9 1/2 yrs old, and was my neighbor's dog until May of 06. That's when I walked down to his house, and asked him if he would be open

to the idea of my OH and I adopting her from him. She was kept outside, loose, 24/7...365! Rain, snow...it didn't matter. She had no shelter,

and usually no fresh water. My sister lives on my street, and sometimes she would find her curled up in her garage. Other neighbors would

purposely leave their garages open for her. He said yes without much hesitation, and now most everyone on our street thanks us when they see

the four of us walking together. Here are my girls....












Hope I didn't ramble on too much! Looking forward to getting to know some new hounds! :heart

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Welcome to GT! You'll love it here!


I just have to say, Grele is definitely the most beautiful lurcher I have ever laid eyes on. (Sorry all you other lurcher owners - but did you look at those eyes?)





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Welcome to greytalk. Your dogs are beautiful!


You started out perfectly by immediately posting pics, but I'm afraid your girls are so adorable that you mighthave to post almost every day. :wub::wub:

Missing my sweet girl Scout. My snuggler, my chow-hound, my kissy girl.
It never thunders at the Bridge, and your food bowl is ALWAYS filled.

So strange not living in Atty World. I was a love struck handmaiden to your every whim.

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Awwwww! Grele is a stunner!! (I'm in love!) and Lady looks VERY comfy on the couch - thanks for taking her in!! (I've thought about that with my neighbors' dog RB...)

Jeannine with Merlin, the crazed tabby cat and his sister, Jasmine, the brat-cat

With GTsiggieFromJenn.jpgAngel Cody(Roving Gemini), and Weenie the tortie waiting at the Bridge

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Guest RedTigerJazz

Wow! :wow Those are two beautiful dogs! :welcome to GT. And excellent job taking in the GSDX. I wish more people would step up and do things like that.

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Guest Hemihound

Thanks for all your nice comments everyone. I think Grele is a stunner if I may say so myself!

And Lady is so sweet and such a loyal dog. We absolutely love her. :beatheart


Here are a few more piccies of the girls....


Going for a "ride in the truck"



A nice walk along the canal



Sniffing around



Last week-ends chilly walk



Home for a rest


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