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Street Waltz (walter) 5/13/96-11/15/06

Guest jananice

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Guest DogDayzGreyz

I'm so sorry, Janice!



God Speed, Sweet Walter. :f_pink


I sure wish I knew what was going on at the bridge that it feels like it needs all our dogs. :(

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Guest jeannejj

I am so sorry for your loss of Walter. It's always hard to say goodbye to a beloved friend. May your memories ease the pain in your aching heart. Peace to you.


Run free, sweet Walter.




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Oh, I hope this doesn't get me in trouble with some wonderful people who are on my list to do these for, but I read about Walter last night, and it just tore my heart, and those wonderful pics... Anyway, this just fell out of me, and will be going on the Quilt.




My Inspirations: Grey Pogo, borzoi Katie, Meep the cat, AND MY BELOVED DH!!!
Missing Rowdy, Coco, Brilly, Happy and Wabi.

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Oh no :brokenheart

I am so sorry to hear about Walter...but his job here was finished...he made you happy & that was his mission. Making you laugh about flipping the snow was probably his #1 goal.

I'll bet he's got a doggie run going right now in the snow up there across the bridge & they're all loving it!


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Guest GreysAndMoreGreys

This holiday season has been very hard on us humans

The heavens above are in need of some very SPECIAL angel it seems


Walter, your job here on earth is done but please send gentle hugs to your mom, she's hurting and misses you



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