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That's Me: Snoopy

Guest Snoopy

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That's me: Snoopy! :P




I'm a very irish retired racing grey living in germany with my people since march this year.





I'm just trying to teach my mom some english, puh, but she learns so slowly... :blink:

Because of that I'm sorry if she's making some mistakes...


So, that's it. :D


Greetz, Snoopy and Family

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Guest hamiesmom

Hullo und Guten Tag, Snoopy and Family;


I live in Ottawa, Ontario und my german is not too good anymore. Ich ware in Deutschland geboren in 1946 und hab bin in Canada since the early '50s. So where in Deutschland bis du? Ich habe ein greyhound 8rs old named "Hamie" und eine kleine katze named "Mabel". Deine englisch is sehr gut.


A big warm welcome from Canada.

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Welcome, Snoopy! (And to your momma, too!) You are such a gorgeous pup! You are doing a really good job teaching your momma English! I can't wait to see more pictures and to hear more stories about you. :D

Jayme with Pippi (the scaredy-beagle)
In the memories of all of my Bridge-babies I'd like to remind people to choose adoption--and that it's not just dogs and cats that are available!

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Hi All!


Thanks so much for the welcomes! :colgate


This morning my mom will write you, because I'm so tired from my morning walk... :)


@hamiesmom: We are living in Blieskastel, that's near Saarbrücken (and very close to france) in the Saarland.

For the fact, that you left germany in childhood, your german is quite good! :) Where are you born in germany?


@kaotic1: Willkommen is great! :D But one "l" is missing! ==> If I'm doing mistakes, please correct me either! :colgate


What to tell you about Snoopy? Mmh...


Snoopy is 3 years old. He lived two years in Limerick (Ireland) where he run 3 races. Because of the fact that he was not as fast as the people there wanted him to be, he was sort out...

A french organization named "Levrier en Detresse" (Greyhounds in need) took him to france. In france he was placed in a very small, nice and familial animal shelter, where we found him in march and couldn't do anything other than adopting him... :rolleyes:B)


So far so good... Now I'll have to do some work... :huh


If there is anything you want to know about us, just ask!



Bianca, Snoopy & co.

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Guest hamiesmom

Greetz zu Bianca und Snoopy,


Thanks my german has its moments. Ich ware in Mindelheim in Bayern geboren. I love where you live. It's nice to hear that there are rescue groups in Germany and other parts of Europe. So, again welcome, you will love this site. There is a lot of information to be had. Enjoy your beautiful boy,


Schuss von

Marion und Hamie

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