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Intro And Looking For Momofsweetpotatoes

Guest Susan

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I am new to GreyTalk ... I have been involved with Greyhounds for many years, and currently share my home with three (plus two cats!).


I am looking for information about my newest dog, Millie (who used to be called Mary). I adopted her from Greyhound Adoption Service in Salisbury, MA, in August of this year. She was rescued from a home in Rhode Island, I think by someone on this list -- MomOfSweetPotatoes?? Marilyn at GAS was a little fuzzy on the details.


Anyhow, Millie is a small black girl and was 4 years old when I adopted her in August. She raced a lot and then was placed in a home directly from a track in Rhode Island. That's about all I know.


MomOfSweetPotatoes, if you are out there, can you contact me? I'd love to hear more about what Millie's home was like, why she was given up, etc.


You can email me at stanona@comcast.net, or post here.



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Welcome Susan. I remember Millie/Mary from GAS. She was very sweet. Hope she is doing well.

I'm sure Kerry will be glad to share her story with you.


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Millie is doing really well. She is MUCH braver than she was a few months ago, is very playful, and is starting to have opinions of her own. I'm so glad I decided to bring her home, even though three dogs might be one too many!

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