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Derby, My Angel Girl


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With a heavy heart and copious tears, I held Derby in my lap as she passed peacefully last night, freed from OSA and the intractable pain in her leg. Gone in just 6 short weeks. :( Your prayers and light helped us immensely, and for that I am forever grateful to GT’rs. :grouphug


Such a special girl deserves to be remembered. :beatheart:heart:beatheart:heart




Derby asked for so little, and gave so very much. She was a two-time bounce, first losing her elderly Daddy of 7 years to cancer and being loyal and faithful to him throughout many months of intense illness. She was then given to a neighbor family who kept her in the backyard, only allowing her inside in the late evening to sleep. When their kids became teens that were too busy for a pet, the adoption group was called to pick her up. I’ll never forget walking up to that house on a busy street (4 lanes of traffic) in Long Beach and seeing the front door open and Derby walking out unleashed. My heart was in my throat! After croaking out “Can we go inside to talk?” I discovered that Derby had been trained to be off leash for years, and had never run into the street on any of her outings to the local parks. Angels must have been working overtime for this precious girl! Derbs, who was 9 by then, was only my foster for a week before she claimed her spot in my heart, and made friends with my other two hounds and the stinkin’ cats, as surely she would call them. It took her probably two months to really know that she had a permanent place inside my home. It just broke my heart to send her out to potty, and then find that she’d laid down in the grass/dirt where she planned to spend the rest of her day. My heart leaped for joy the first time (and every time thereafter) she came back to the door, asking to come back in with her big grin and happy tail. She helped to heal Wells’ grief over losing his companion Sandee, and had such a calming presence. She was always my #1 choice for visits to my office and truly had a magical touch with my difficult clients. She later worked with me at the skilled nursing facility where she quickly grew a fan club. It was especially hard for me today to share the sad news with her elderly friends. Derby never barked, except for woofies in her sleep, but had a huge vocabulary of whines and nose pokes that alerted me to her needs for timely meals, walks and tummy rubs. Her goofy side of helicopter tails and playbows were reserved for a select few only. Derby lived for cookies, laying in fresh glass, car rides and walks. She was a nearly perfect greyhound, winning over many hearts at show & tells and presenting the “perfect dog” persona at home visits of anxious would-be adopters. Our last day together will stay with me always… sharing hours outside on the grass with her napping in my arms. She leaves a big hole in my heart and a very noticeable absence in my home. I know she was met at the Bridge by her loving Daddy and a happy Wells, and will someday greet me. Until then, she’ll have lots of room for snuggles in my heart space. I love you and miss you babygirl… go run in the endless grassy fields and find the Burpdog biscuit tree. :beatheart

Jeanne with Remington & Scooter the cat
....and Beloved Bridge Angels Sandee, Shari, Wells, Derby, Phoenix, Jerry Lee and Finnian.....
If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven
and bring you home again.

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Guest dirtydog

The tears stream down my cheeks as I read your wonderful tribute to Derby. You brought Derby to our home visit shortly after she came to live with you. That was our first introduction to you and our first "up close and personal" visit with a greyhound. I can still see my husband laying on the carpet in our living room giving Derby rubbies while we talked about the wonderful world of Greyhounds. We've had a lot of fun times with you and Derby since that day. We feel very honored to have been part of her life. There is a favorite song of mine that reminds us that there are angels among us, sent down from somewhere up above - they wear so many faces......To show us how to live, to teach us how to give,To guide us with a light of love. I truely believe you and Derby were angels in each others lives. And now, she is an Angel watching over you until you meet again. You gave Derby the greatest gift possible, a wonderful life and freedom from suffering when it was time. We share your loss and hope that all the wonderful memories will help ease the pain in your heart.

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Guest argolola

I'm typing through tears as I read your lovely tribute to a precious angel. No doubt my angel daughter, Carla, is petting her right now.


May God bless you and heal your broken heart. Thank you for giving Derby a wonderful rest of her life.

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Guest vahoundlover

I am so sorry :grouphug:cry1 What a beautiful tribute for a special pup. May your memories someday give you great comfort and joy in having this special girlie in your life.


Godspeed Derby, keep an eye on your mom and send her a rainbow as soon as you can. :f_pink

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Guest Che_mar_Cody

I feel your pain, you were a special love that she needed. I'm sure she's looking down at you now, watching..

You'll meet again I'm sure......

Our thoughts are with you.


Pam & Cody

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Guest tampagreymom

I am so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl. She will be met at the Rainbow Bridge by all of our bridge angels who will welcome her. I feel your pain.

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