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It's D-day.....

Guest Jay

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Guest DoneRacin

Oh No, trust me, I can be a real dunce at times!


As far as Krackel's laying around, get used to it! Now ofcourse I could be mistaken here too, but from what I have seen of IG's, they may be a bit more "up and around" than greys. Atleast my cousins IG anyway...but then again, when he wasn't up and around, he was laying in her lap.


Keep the pictures coming! (Even if they ARE all shots of them in bed!! :digicam:nappy:digicam:couchjump


As a matter of fact, here are my babies after a rough day "getting pictures taken with Santa"


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haha, i know they're deff more uhm bed ridden? than an iggy, I also don't want him to be EMO! hahah

just making him happy, i think i'm doing a pretty good job at it since him and beau are snuggled up together right now... oh this morning!!! i let him outside and he was running around for the first time! and he was wagging his tail when i let him in!!! <3 yay

ok bye, no matter what i'll get pictures up tonight ahha

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Guest lovegreythounds
haha sorry!

BEAU = Italian Greyhound

he's posted in another thread in OT... but here he is:


He's about 14lbs =)


Oh and I GUESS I should be happy that he's VERY happy in his bed...

But today..

we went to the dog park, went by a friends house, went by petsmart, raked the yard, went on a walk... uhm and then he's been in his bed for the past hour :-p

Beau is adorable, love the way he crosses his paws :wub:

Krackel is gorgeous too, sounds like he is settling in nicely - what did he think of Petsmart?

Keep us posted :)

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Well we all just got back from the vet... after a lil thermostat where incident krackel was fine, i'm getting his butt on a low-fat/reduced-fat diet because he's eating a lot and I don't want to starve him to keep him trim haha.

he LOVED petsmart about as much as a timid, in his shell still, greyhound can... aka he liked the treats haha.

again, i have some pictures and i'll get them up as soon as I get to walmart to get another cable bleh.


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hah thanks =)

ALL of the compliments go right to his lil head! :-p

I should get more pics tomorrow as Krackel is coming out of his shell quite a bit (and about 100% everyday!)

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Krackel had his first bath with me today... I think he's ready to go back to Barbs now hahah =)

He's currently in the 'i'm ignoring you and mad mood'

It's coote! haha

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Welcome to GT, and to your new boy! It can take some time for him to be fully adjusted--so he may be a snuggler yet...


We got our first grey 3.5 years ago, and here is a pic that I took this summer of Rama and my hubby. It's the first time that this happened (not the first snuggle, but the first all out full body snuggle):



Jayme with Pippi (the scaredy-beagle)
In the memories of all of my Bridge-babies I'd like to remind people to choose adoption--and that it's not just dogs and cats that are available!

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