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Hi, my name is Robin and I am new to Greytalk, a new mom again and moving to a new city. I got Petey at 6 weeks old. He is a fawn grey and will be 14 in January. I just adopted Snickers. He is a 3 year old fawn, although his papers say red. My greytest challange at the moment is trying to keep the 75 toddler from hurting the the 50 pound senior citizen, even if by accident.


The reason I am writing is that I will be relocating to Las Vegas in January and will miss my boys doctor terribly. I am wondering if there is anyone here that is from Las Vegas that can recommend a good doctor for the boys. Also, does someone know a good babysitter there? I will be living in the southern part of town. I refuse to use a kennel. Right now I pay someone I work with to babysit and house-sit. She spends the night at my house and goes there at lunch to let them out. The thought of trying to find good replacements for these terrific people is creating a tremendous amount of stress for me and I was hoping I might get lucky and get some recommendations. If I can be a little prepared on the topic, maybe I can sleep a little better.


Thank you in advance.

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Hi, welcome to GT! No advice, I just wanted to bump this up a bit.

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Welcome to GT! :wave I can appreciate your challenge with a youngster and oldster. :) Am dealing with a similar situation, although not quite the spread in ages as yours. I, too, have a wonderful pet sitter that stays at my home, and I dread the thought of ever having to kennel my babies. Suggest you start a new topic in the EEG specifically asking for help with your question. Hopefully some of the LV folks here will see it and advise you! Would also suggest that you contact LV adoption groups and see who they recommend. :D

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:wave Welcome from Miami :wave


I'm lucky, I have an ex-husband who is willing to stay with ours when we need to go out of town. Good suggestion checking with the LV adoption groups. Good luck on your move.

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I'm in Las Vegas and use Desert Inn Animal Hospital, on Desert Inn Rd. I see Dr. Parantala (sp?) and she is wonderful. They are a bit more expensive than my vet in MD and usually have a wait, but they also take plenty of time talking to you and understanding your pet and walking you through everything. I love them :)

Let me know if you need anything else


ETA: for your second question, I currently use a sitter I am comfortable with who will spend the night, but my area is far for her so I've been looking into another woman. I've met her and she's very good with Lenny so I will probably use her in the future. I'll be happy to pass on their information when I get home from work :)

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