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Guest FireHorse
Welcome from Philly! Nice pup!

Please ask Tar to write a note to our kitty Natalie explaining that these pups are really quite nice!

Once we got through all the "no kitty" training, Monty is very respectful of Natalie who will have nothing to do with him and swats him around just for fun!


Dear Natalie,


My name is Tar and i just wanted to tell you that dogs are great! They've got huge beds to sleep in, and they're warm! You just have to be careful about licking them when they're asleep though. I tried that once--I thought the fuzz on his butt needed a wash--and got woofed at. And someti-


*push* *thump* *meow!*


Natalie, ignore him. This is Nef, and you're on the right track. He's a dog, you're a *cat*, and as such well above him. Just remember, if you can't ignore him, smack him! That's what dogs are for.


You sister in feline solidarity,




As you can see, there are a range of opinions at my house! :lol Mostly though, everyone manages to coexist peacefully.

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