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Slick has joined the gang at the bridge. He was failing for some time and last night went down in the rear and I could not get him up. Sometimes it is just time. So, instead of the scheduled ultrasound for his bladder, he made the trip......


What a grand old man! Seniors are so incredible. Just a few days ago, my roommate Rosemary called and said "what can I feed him?" I've offered him 3 kinds of kibble, hamburger, rolls.... I said "are you sure he wants to eat" She said "he's standing there looking at me and barking" :) That meant, yes he wanted to eat and you had to figure out what menu he was barking out :rolleyes: He wanted some NB beef roll. Once fed the "right" item, he layed down and was content.


I'm going to miss the old guy. He's running with the kids, and will find his first "mom" who preceded him.


Run like the wind sweet boy!

Diane & The Senior Gang

Burpdog Biscuits

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I'm so sorry, Diane :( :( :(


he certainly was a grand old man -- and very loved.


Run fast and free at the bridge, Slick :f_pink:f_pink

Kim and Bruce - with Rick (Rick Roufus 6/30/16) and missing my sweet greyhound Angels Rainey (LG's Rainey 10/4/2000 - 3/8/2011), Anubis (RJ's Saint Nick 12/25/2001 - 9/12/12) and Zeke (Hey Who Whiz It 4/6/2009 - 7/20/2020) and Larry (PTL Laroach 2/24/2007 - 8/2/2020) -- and Chester (Lab) (8/31/1990 - 5/3/2005), Captain (Schipperke) (10/12/1992 - 6/13/2005) and Remy (GSP) (?/?/1998 - 1/6/2005) at the bridge
"Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut." -- Ernest Hemmingway

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Farewell Slick!


I was admiring your pictures yesterday. You are such a beautiful boy!

Jennifer and Beamish (an unnamed Irish-born Racer) DOB: October 30, 2011


Forever and always missing my "Vowels", Icarus, Atlas, Orion, Uber, and Miss Echo, and Mojito.

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Guest rsqdogsmom

I am so very sorry for your loss. :f_white


THAT'S the downside of loving those seniors:

you have to love them twice as much and twice as fast

to make up for the all-too-short amount of time we get to spend with them. :wub:


Bless you for sharing your heart and your home with those too soon gone.

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Guest hannahmom


The love and dignity you give to your babies makes me proud to know you.

I am so sorry that it was Slick's time to go, but he ended his time with love and the knowledge that life was good.

Bless you and may the hole he leaves be filled with warm memories

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Oh no! I'm so sorry for your loss, Diane. You gave him a wonderful home.

Meredith with Heyokha (HUS Me Teddy) and Crow (Mike Milbury). Missing Turbo (Sendahl Boss), Pancho, JoJo, and "Fat Stacks" Juana, the psycho kitty. Canku wakan kin manipi.

"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." - Voltaire

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I'm sorry Diane. You did the right thing in letting him go before the quality got worse. I know that does not ease the pain, though. Take care.

Missing our Raisin: 9/9/94 - 7/20/08, our Super Bea: 2003 - 12/16/09, our Howie: 9/17/97 - 4/9/11, our Bull: 8/7/00 - 1/17/13, our Wyatt Earp: 11/22/06 - 12/16/15, and our Cyclone 8/26/05 - 9/12/16

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